HM Tauren or Mag'har Orc?


First time I'm rolling a warrior and I wanted to know between the two races, which one would work best? I know racials at the end of the day don't mean much, but i'd still consider it if I can't decide based on looks.

I've got an HM Hunter and a Mag'Har warrior but I think I want to swap them around since it makes more sense from a lore point of view and when looking at racials.

I've always envisioned Taurens as Hunters but being a giant cow with a bow doesn't feel right and being a Mag'Har warrior, although cool, makes more sense as a hunter to me. At the end of the day I'm going based off looks.

Any suggestions or mogs? or reason I should or should not switch? If Prot warrior gets a buff I'd consider tanking.
I don't think you should race change.

Highmountain make excellent Survival Hunters and arguably suit the spec more than any other race in the game. I mean the Hunter Order Hall is in Highmountain and the Survival Artifact Weapon was wielded by Huln himself. I think you've made the right choice

Mag'har, especially Warsong Clan, are incredibly fitting for Warriors. Look at Garrosh for example. Their entire culture is savage and entirely befitting for Warriors.

Obviously change if you really want to but I think you've picked the right races.
Mag'har have a pet buff right? :-)

I just play what I see fit, both seem like races I'd see fit for a warrior. I'm not a fan of other races and this class, but that's just my taste.

As you can see, I chose for a HM tauren, and not regretting it! Bit I am one of those players, that just plays what looks cool! Not really base my choices on racials.
13/11/2018 20:34Posted by Iramiw
Mag'har have a pet buff right? :-)

10% additional pet health, yes. But that's barely noticeable in the majority of content, nor does it influence pet abilities, healing or... just about anything else than the pets' longevity.
Maybe as BM in island expeditions, it'd be noteworthy.

But if you went for pet-boosting racials, you should go green orc; Their pets deal more damage.

And yes, going for aesthetics is best. Though to be honest, since I've been playing tauren near-exclusively since WoD (orcs before that), I've found myself missing War Stomp on my non-tauren alts. Like, it always feels like I'm missing a crucial CC option if I'm playing a non-tauren.

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