What meal would your character offer the above?

As the name says. New IC thread idea! Can be either a showcase of the character's cooking recipes or something from a place they found particularly interesting. Let's try it!
An ol' fashioned Suramar Knuckle Sandwich!

Ok for real, probably some Suramar Surf and Turf.
Fried Scarabs with Wheat Bread and side of Skewered Eel and some vegetables. Top that with some Grape Wine. "It's not the fanciest of meals, but it was... Different to the normal apetite... You learn to eat everything when you're out in the desert"
Roasted plainstrider with honey and nuts.
Roasted Tauren, obviously.

...actually knowing him he'd probably enjoy it. Peas. Shall offer him peas.
A fresh roasted Talbuk with split bean or pea soup. NO CARROTS!
Riverbeast flank, prepared in whichever manner she prefers.

Yeah, I'm that cruel.
Brigante is actually a very accomplished Chef in character, and his Sun Hawks know they have done something good when the 'Old Man' says he will cook dinner that evening. He traditionally uses rations, but combines them into something better...

“Right, so first we start with these diced Pork cubes, you want Orgrimmar Pork for that, it is a good solid basis, then you take Lynx Jerky strips, and wrap the Pork cubes in those. Put those in a pan to sizzle, Then you get a wok, this is a method I learned when serving in Pandaria, you put rice and water in, and set it to cooking. Rice is good you see, because it is ideal soldier’s food. Easy to transport, keeps for ages, and very filling, gives a lot of energy. Next, you make up a sauce, I find pulped tomato, mixed with ground Peacebloom, with a very healthy dash of Paprika works wonders,adds a proper spicy kick to it. Whilst doing this, pay attention to your meat, you want to drizzle some honey over it, not too much, you want enough to give the initial sweetness, followed by the different flavours of the Lynx and the Pork. They have different flavours you see, as one is a predator, one is prey, Lynx is very lean meat, Pork is the opposite, they make a beautiful contrast, and biting into the Honey first will just accentuate that.

Next, pour the Sauce into the rice, take care that it does not overcook, if you want to check, take up a spoon and see what colour the rice grains look, if they start to look reddish or orangey, then they are ready. Whilst doing this, take out some flatbreads, lay down a stone tablet, and slowly set them to warming up. Some say you should cut them open before warming, myself I always found it is less messy the other way around, when they are warm, they are more pliant to a knife. Sort of like people. Aheh.

By now, your meat, and your rice and sauce should be ready. You combine the two. Into the Wok goes the Pork and Lynx, you now have the Spicy and the Sweet combined, Stir it well, you want to enmesh the two.

Your Flatbreads should now be ready, slice them open, you want them warm but soft, not crisp and crackly, and with a ladle take generous helpings of the rice, sauce and Lynx and Pork, and place them inside the open Flatbreads, before serving.”

*Brigante kisses his fingers* “Perfect”.
Anything with rum on it.
A big slice of rum cake!
It may take a while due to complexity, but eventually conjure a selection of cakes with a variety of hot drinks.

Doughnuts with icing that glistens, cupcakes with little dragon heads that actually roar and a kobold cake with a dancing flame upon its candle!
I guess I could offer you some Felboar steak grilled with onions to give it a bit more pleasant taste, topping with uh... BBQ sauce? yea... that's... definitely what it is.
And hey, if food ain't pleasant, then there's always entertainment. Care tho, she bites.
Having sampled the ‘entertainment’, Elyssa then prepares a speciality Kaldorei venison pie. Expertly adjusted crust thickness and a generous helping of jelly inside. For sides: the rare anchor weed broiled into a nutritious soup, thickened with flour and spices.

And of course dessert being a trio of colourful ice-cream scoops, that persistently emanates vapour trails from glowing runes engraved into them.
A demon-blood energy drink.

Guaranteed to give you wings!
A plate of teldrassil ashes and ground that is crushed in it's face the plate , enjoy demon foul being.
Shortcake. And shame.
"Can't say I know her that well, but I've overheard her a few times. She seems to enjoy shinies! I'd conjure her a bowl of vanilla ice-cream with some gold sprinkled over it. She should like it. I hope she would."
"Aaah, a shal'dorei. A city and culture that surpassed the test of time. Well this calls for fine pork marinated in spices from Halfhill and herbs from the Timeless Isles; perculair find that one. The meal never degrades or even goes cold. Served over... Noodles? No, simple. A mix of rices, the rare jade race from the Eastern forests. Yes, that'll do just fine."
"You really just confused that Void Elf for one of the Shal'dorei? Ok, look at the difference. MY ears are curved upwards, hers are not. My hair isn't glowing with tentacles, hers is. Her eyes are a much different shape, hers are more rounde- ARE YOU EVEN LISTENING? Fine, whatever. What would I offer you? Take this gold and buy a salad, you need one. badly."

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