My thoughts on World of Warcraft

I thought I'd share my thoughts on the current state on World of Warcraft.

After having a break from WoW for about a month clearing my senses I can with certainty say that this game will never be what is once was again. It's clear that ActivisionBlizzard does not care about anything other than money and see players as numbers instead of individual people. ActivisionBlizzard behave poorly and ignore any kind of feedback to new expansions, leaving expansions in a horrible state without fixing almost anything.

The game is not what it used to be during its peak time with 12 million subscribers and after the fiasco with Battle For Azeroth it probably never will be again. What some people see the game as, is the good game it used to be. Today however this is not the case, it is again poorly developed and with no love for the community. It really is time to open your eyes and see the game as it is today, rather than what it used to be.

Then there are the "loyal knights" who often again see the company what it used to be rather than what it actually is today, and defend ActivisionBlizzard no matter how wrong they make their decisions. No one is 100% right all the time.

So what is the solution to the problem? Simply put, there is no solution- other than if subscription numbers dropped to such a low point that ActivisionBlizzard have to acknowledge what they've done is a wrong path and try to correct it. But even then it will be too late as the damage has already been done.

If you genuinely like this game (which I find it difficult to believe that you truly do), good for you. If you have however the smallest doubt I would advice you to try other games. There are other games out there besides WoW- games where the developers are actually in touch with their playerbase and develop the game according to what most players think is a right decision, with for example the help of forums where the developers actually take in the feedback; or major polls where the result concludes what new content the community want.

I don't expect much from players to take in what I just wrote as these forums are flooded with forumtrolls, but at least I've tried to point out the problems.
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