Enhancement Shaman changes in PTR

Is that what they call "REWORK" ? Enhancements design and fantasy is so terrible and has been for 2 expansions already and we receive a lousy damage rebalance after announcing a rework? Instead of being a totemic warrior that spits lava and farts lightning we feel like a dumbed down warrior without any defensives or real strengths. Maelstrom is also bad and either caps too long or you get starved for it. I can't believe this is what we get after getting insta-declined to M+ groups and raids for 2 months...
11/11/2018 17:30Posted by Borelia

Do you think we rerolled so much that we are too few now to be worth major dev time? If that is the case, we are in a forever downward spiral.

Exactly that. We dont matter. Expect a free reroll coming your way when they completely remove Shaman from the game before next expansion.
I belive there will be more, i really do cuz this is nothing. Blizzard have like few thousand employees and they can do more. They must becouse this is unacceptable for anyone normal.

I just hope that Nighthold patch doesnt repeat.
I've played enhance since the start of Cata. I don't play alts, I've always loved my enhance shaman, even if we were putting out low damage, the class has always been fun to play. Until Bfa, not only have you ruined the class, but you've ruined my enjoyment of the entire game. We're regarded as a joke...far weaker than any other mellee spec, we bring nothing unique. Considering BL was taken from us and given to every other spec and their pets due to it being unfair one class having it, why now is it fair for monks, DH, mage, priests and warrior to have a unique buff/debuff...does noone on the dev team play a shaman? The changes suggested are a joke they should have been hotfixed 3 weeks after launch... these will not fix our boring slot machine of a spec with 0 utility...

Yes sure this could be the first change of a good rework to come, but the length of time all shaman specs have been ignored shows me the lack of care towards my class, and it's not enough... the biased against our class is ridiculous...stop given hunters new pets and druids new forms and work on a whole ignored neglected class before shamans give up on you.
We've already given up. Waiting for Classic... Back when we had unique iconic abilities and niche to fit in groups + alot of flavour. Back when playing shaman felt like you are the spiritual leader of the tribe and your role is to command the elements in favour of your people supporting them and having real strengths and uniqueness.
Now we are just an underdog generic melee but worse than all other melees with nothing unique.
If you say burst is above average - everyone has burst.
Offheals? C'mon really? In a game where every spec has heals and ours are locked by mana? No.
Dispells? That ship has sailed. You can purge 5 times before going oom compared to offensive dispelling in PvP throughout long games. Also DH/All Belfs and who doesn't have a purge nowadays...
12/11/2018 10:02Posted by Pogromis
Waiting for Classic...

Nice one
I have 2 shamans, but I admit, if 8.1 disappoints, I will not waste more time. I ain't gonna reroll, sure I got alts, but they are ALTs.

I also didn't get why nerfing the most useful talents is considered good. That is what blizzard ocnstantly does, nerfing good talents, and buffing useless crap talents, so we have "something to choose". And I'm tired of their attitude as well, why are they ok with shamans being in this state, while they leave the OP class specs the way they are? Or they want it like that? I know class tuning probably isn't easy, but the difference is too big.

And GUST OF WIND, give that tf back....also Ancestral Guidance of resto....I try to enjoy my shamans as much as I can, I know I don't do mythic raiding, but I still want a fun and enjoyable class. Legion gave us much fun, you took too much fun away in BfA.

If 8.1 is gonna be sh**, I'm gonna find my game fun elsewhere as well.

Another thing I didn't get, so we lost out artifact weapons, but we are able to get its use back through talents, its main skill I mean....just make that baseline, and find something else....lazy dev choice tbh....either that, or throw it out....doesn't make sense tbh....
Playing this game since Classic and as most of you I am really disappointed regarding the "changes" coming with 8.1. Shaman Class has always been my main and it feels very unrewarding to play enhancement at the moment. Reminds me of good old classic "Hope for winfury proccs....". I like RNG, but my whole dmg tied to it and mostly one ability feels really bad and unrewarding. That's why I don't want 2h times back - yeah it was fun, but only in PVP and if rngesus was on your side. It feels like we are in the same spot again. Stormbringer should be changed - maybe to something maelstrom used to be before it became our resource. Or at least change it back to legion version. For me stormstrike should be our big hitting ability. Something you want to hit on cooldown, but not all the time until your fingers bleed. I miss earth shock, but I also like totems as a cooldown and not a buff bot that I have to take care of all the time. I don't want 3 gcd AOE flameshock,lavalash, firenova back. I think Legion was a good step in the right direction but without the artifact it simply doesn't work... Please listen to the shaman community. You have more than enough feedback.

Sorry for bad english.

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