your first reaction the first time u entered suramar , no lies.
mine was : HOLY S**T
it was aight

Best part of Legion. All of it.
Ironically i used my hearthstone after the 3rd quest. Took me untill BfA to do the questline.
Loved all of it. I hope they do more with the city
I joined in bfa, what is it about ?

I can't be bothered doing it ,
Fitting everything the lore described of the night elf Kaldorei arcane city and culture.

It finally did justice to the night elf arcana.

I say this because for so long in wow, stuff shown of the night elves was nowhere near as amazing as what the lore said in things like WC3 manual, encyclopaedias or novels like WotA or even in games like WC3.

But legion was different, (the night elf portrayal, when not associated to the alliance night elves was in level with Wc3 whether it was, wardens, demon hunters, druids, nightborne, highborne, Moonguard - every part shown actually felt badass for a change even tho they were neutral.)

But Suramar, oh Suramar city, just WoW. The art fit all the adjectives used to describe the best era of the night elves, and the culture in the city exactly matched WotA novel reflecting a post addiction pre sundering night elf culture, when their nobility and decency had been nearly whittled away by arrogance and over dependence. So blizzard did know how to present their lore in game exquisitely and with detail, style and perfectly unders

The hope for the night elves since I first read their lore properly was that one day they would be able to restore the full might of their arcane abilities but this time accompanied with a great nature magic side and divine side, magic free from the mistakes and addiction that ended up ruining everything.

That the night elf arcane part would return with arcane wielding night elves that had truly learnt the lessons and could now be added to the great ranks the druids and priests were already walking in. And they would soon restore those great night and star cities in the book that matched in a city of beauty and marble the same grandeur and beauty of the great forests the druids has cultivated.

When Suramar was released, that hope took a giant leap forward, and when the story of Thalyssra showed arcane and nature night elves working together with the arcane bunch of the pre sundering era (I.e. Thalyssra and the nightborne) finally found humility in their suffering and finally learnt and accepted the value of balance, then shown to take the same steps of nobility resisting the legion and defending the world that Tyrande and Malfurion also from the same city 10k years ago had done with a similar group of rebel Night elves.

I really thought wow, it is finally here, a badass advanced night elf arcane casting group worthy of joining the Kaldorei as they had become after the sundering. Not in the foolish arrogant mindset of Azshara’s night elves, but ones that had learned the same lessons Turande’s priests and Malfurions druids had, finally a strong and cisibly prominent arcane portion as noble as the druids and thenpruests and matching the elegance and raw beauty of the forests with the civilised beautiful art piece of marble and stone that were the cities described.

What an epic continuation for the night elf story worthy of the original story itself and worthy of picking up its mantle, finally bringing a restoration story to the night elves after waiting 14 years.

How that bright hope and great story were broken and crapped upon by instead taking Thalyssra’s group and the city to the horde. The sad thing is, the horde didn’t need Suramar, nor Thakyssra and all the nightborne that turned to her cause in order to be playable on it. They could have had a small group of exiles just like the void elves. A small group they could create new night elf stories on the horde while leaving the main night elf story to continue in this jaw dropping fantasy miracle. They could have even turned those nightborne back into Kaldorei through some magical means like the fruit and a magical acceleration from druids, mages and priests. Or something like that, ensuring the nightborne model what remnant remained as nightborne would be exclusively on the horde. They even still can do that.l seeing the war of thrones provides the perfect motivation. But alas they didn’t

They ruined their own lore, a wonderful story, potentially one of their greatest, and a showcase of a truly original elven race in the fantasy genre (you know how rare that is?)

They ruined that, for what? To give the horde more pretty things it didn’t need? It already had a fancy elven civilization and city and advanced magical elven casters, the cream of fantasy, it didn’t need a second. It was the night elves that needed this key part written in a worthy way that matched their lore. The horde could have gotten on with just a small group nightborne, just like the void elves were a small group of blood elves, not all of them and no city or majesty with them.

But for some reason, maybe because someone in blizzard feels alliance has to have worse than horde no matter what it is, no matter how good it is, and it must forever be so, even though by 5.0 onwards horde populations were outgrowing alliance once, attracting the lion share of the active player population and the end game scene. Dominating the competitive pvp and pvE arenas.

Talk about shooting yourself in the foot good job blizz. What a way to undo some of your very best work and reduce one of your most incredible races into the boring, tired over used 1-dimensional forest elf trope, a far cry from the elite dealt/elf forest elf fusion with a moon and star celestial culture you originally had.

What a way to throw away something special needlessly because, why? You can’t be bothered to do them properly in the alliance side? You only get excited if it is horde. Whatever your motive is, you’ve really let down a lot of people and made them question all over again, why are they even bothering
Too good to be true. It was just so amazing
i liked the nightbourne shoulder armour the guards had i hoped they would add it to the game or something similar .. and they did with nightbourne heritage armour.
I loved the music in Suramar, and Suramar City is a great zone.
Suramar is amazing. It's design, story, characters, architecture, dungeons and raid in that zone... everything was just perfect.
09/10/2018 00:51Posted by Keele
I loved the music in Suramar, and Suramar City is a great zone.

Its horrible. Terrible long questchain aswell.
Probably the part of legion I hate the most.
Absolutely beautiful, it's the only Legion zone I liked. Everything about it is beautiful except for the crap disguise and annoying guards. I wish I could just go there sometimes and hang out without everything always wanting to kill me. I hated the disguise mechanic so much though. I chose a gnome for a reason. If I'd wanted to play a big night elf, nightborn type character then I'd have made one myself.
Let me just add to earlier that It also made me so proud of the night elves, it felt like a long wait was over (felt like the vigil was truly over and the great stuff was coming back to the night elves- (yes even though it was only 16 real years, it made me understand 10k years) that is until they decided it was going to play NO role in their future at all. What a let down that was, kinda ruined it for me.

It was the perfect showing of their arcane city, and the nightfallen rebels were the perfect worthy additions to the kaldorei that could stand as tall as the druids and the priests for the really good story had shown them similarly go through a great trial, and learnt humility and wisdom.

Was so excited for what would happen next with the night elves with the city and the really cool moon/star reformed arcane casters in it, finally I had thought, the night elves could be as attractive and appealing for the alliance as the blood elves were for the horde (at least to me)

Blizzard do elven stuff so beautifully. The blood elf one in TBC was amazing, and finally a truly amazing night elf one came. It is such a shame they seem to have no interest in the alliance elves matching or even exceeding the horde elves, the blood elves it seems must be head, shoulders, torso and feet above the night elves in every respect.

This is such a shame. It's just not fair both the blood elven AND night elven most amazing works in world of warcraft are on the horde. Just not fair.
Best parto of Legion.
Just aesthetic. I loved the quests there, the music and the city.
My first thought was "This place is incredibly beautiful", second was "Oh shiet this zone is really hard as nails!"

I got a JC quest to go there quite early, before any other quest in the area.

I was beaten to pieces of course and there was a lot of corpse dragging before I finally could complete.

Later I got the quest for the mask and had a good laugh. :D
I thought, there was "something not right".
I asked myself "what are you hiding?"
09/10/2018 09:23Posted by Uvireath
I thought, there was "something not right".
I asked myself "what are you hiding?"

maybe and illusion?

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