[H]<Futile>(3/8M, 8/8HC) Recruiting! (Draenor)

Twisting Nether
Hallo all,

Futile is recruiting new players for their core team. We are searching for dedicated players.

Melee Dps (everything)
High Prior on FDK

Range Dps (everything)
High Prior on Mages!

High prior on Hpala.


You are an exceptional player with patience and a good attitude. We want team-players, not solo-players.
We expect our raiders to use Discord and the add-ons that our raidleader deems necessary and/or useful.
We expect players to have a close to 95% attendance.
Listen to the raid leader. We don't need lone wolfs in this guild or ppl that cba to follow tactics!

What do we offer?
- Steady progression in a 2 day progress guild. (We clear normals on off days)
- Dedicated Leadership
- A lot of norwegian players (still international guild)

Current raid times:
We raid two times a week. (Wednesday and Sunday) From 20:00-23:00. We expect players to be on at 19:45 for clearing and inv.
We do often clear normals on Thursday but it isnt necessary to join this raid

For more information please add me on Battle.net: Pewpewpwnage#2712
or add on me on discord: General#5662

Ty for reading this and hope to hear from you all soon.

We dont respond on this thread so please add me on Discord or Battle.net for answers!

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