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Please insert coin - is a casual 2 day raid guild, which is primarily consists of old friends or people who have raided with one another in one or the other way - we're maintly a chill raidlogging guild with ages ranging between 18 and 30, with the majority being in the 30's. Quite a closed guild, with very dark humour, almost ranging towards slightly racist one, but that's just how we are!

We're maintly looking for another healer or two(disc/holypriest + hpala) and some ranged dps, (preferably lock, or bm hunter) but most classes will suffice aslong as you seem to be a fit - Our goal is to progress through mythic in a slow steady pace with everyone contributing but still doing it in a chill casual way! (hey, we made it so far with a casual mindset) - If interrested you can add me on #istrahil2566 :) Raidtimes are Tuesday 19:00-23:00 and sunday 17:00-22:00 ST

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