Homeless Warrior LF social raiding guild

The Maelstrom / Deathwing / Karazhan / Lightning's Blade
Homeless Warrior looking for a new social raiding guild. I have 7/8 HC Uld and hit the curve on all other expansions prior to this one. I am Ilvl 355-360 across the 3 specs but class myself as a trainee tank :P.

Im am easy going, no dramas and will contribute to the guild if u let me know whats needed. I don't moan groan or criticise and all i want is a social place to live within raiding guild and the chance to have a shot at higher content raiding.

Thank you for your consideration.

Hey, take a look into our recruitment post and see if we meet your criteria.
You can contact us by joining our discord https://discord.gg/9UdGRra or by adding kokiritswow#2878 and/or kowalski#2668 in-game. Discord will be much faster :)
Thank you Soulsin. I will drop in on Discord later on and see if you guys will home me. Thanks for the post and yep i did a double post >.<

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