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Last 20 days I'm only farming rares and invasions on IE's.Right from the very beginning I wanted 3 loots.The 2h vrykul sword and parrot/mogu mounts.Needless to say that after 300+ runs I have taken none of these things.We get the rng of the weekly island ,in combination with the rng of the theme of the island,in combination with the rng of mobs that there will be on the island in combination with the rng of the invasion of the island ,in combination with the total rng loot table when we are done.So ,I am supposed that in order to take these things I have to do like 2k + runs and dedicate my life on IE's or be an extremely lucky player that got them without even wanting them?This is totally frustrating,and what makes it even more is that on 8.1 there will be 4 more mounts and countless new rewards.Oh,I forgot to say that every class is eligible of every loot table so I can take anything that I dont need,and of course there are so many duplicates as well(got 11/26 pets and 7 out of my 11 pets I got 5-6 times.)On top of all that,blizzard won't even clarify exactly how this thing works.So,instead of adding a vendor with a bunch of randomized stuff ,add the freaking loot table on vendor even on weekly basis so that we can work towards the reward we want ,even if a mount costs 1k doublons.
Agreed 100%. This casino simulation is getting out of hand. I would strongly suggest blizzard to put vendors that rotate the loot table each week so there is at least some kind of minimal deterministic element to the system so we can work towards our goal knowing that in the end we are gonna get what we want because otherwise what's the point? This casino simulation does not give any kind of incentive to players that want to target a specific loot from IE's simply because they know they may do 2k runs and still not get what they want. Its the same thing as the mount rewards from the emmisaries in legion. The sheer feeling that the time I would have to invest to get them may ultimately be wasted is the main reason people don't have goals in the game anymore and quit after a couple of months into the expansion. The sad thing is that art team is finally making some good mounts and mogs the last few expansions but everything is gated behind layers upon layers of RNG so very few people have them(and mostly those who do have them may not be excited at all because they did not do put any effort in them they were just lucky). If Blizzard had hired like 1 psychologist they should know the basics of how people feel when playing their games. When you see someone having a prestigious mount you get excited not because of the mount model but because you know that it took for him to get that mount.A little bit of randomness is good for the game and can actually play the role of a spontaneous excitement factor but when everything is random just deprives the game of meaning. Blizzard has traded meaning for temporary/spontaneous /effortless/meaningless satisfaction to attract new people(that will unsubscribe after 2-3 months because that's what they always do) but the only result I am seeing is frustrated old players. Instead of putting those rewards behind some challenges that will make new players become better at the game -WHICH IS WHAT WILL KEEP THE NEW PLAYER ENGAGED AND INTERESTED- they make them think that they will just have to play 10 hours/day doing something that requires literally 0 skill and countless repetitions. I have been playing this game for 10 years and only wish the best and I strongly suggest blizzard to change this casino philosophy before its too late.
P.S. The reason players don't like this expansion is because the rewards are way more interesting than the actual content.
I'm close to expedition leader without any mount drops, so expect to grind islands for years if u really want the mounts.
The cosmetics in Island Expeditions is really a collectors nightmare all the layers of rng makes it litteraly impossible to get all the rewards and the vendor that sells cosmetics doesnt fix anything as it doesnt offer any of the cosmetics from the actual islands.

I flatout refuse to do any IE before its fixed, if its even gonna be fixed, not like the islands are remotely fun either...
Yeah exactly,also 90% of people that farm islands are doing it on normal,which is even soloable with good gear.I don't really understand how is it fun to farm content that has no difficulty whatsoever,yet you necessarily have to exchange your life doing this thing with no guarantee about anything.
In my opinion participation should result in reward, whether its the actual drops from the IE or a currency that you can buy the cosmetics that drop in IE with.
As it is now IE doesnt feel anywhere near rewarding when you think of theres like 319 possible things that can drop from them.

319 possible items and you get 150 AP, dont come and tell thats a good carrot on a stick to the content.
The Island Expeditions sounds like fun, at first. But after slogging through them, with the same gameplay over and over and over and OVER again, I can say that I'd rather sign up for random dungeons or battlegrounds all day long (and I'm not an avid pvp'er) than go through that crap again. It's uninspired, very easy to grasp and I have no idea why there's even a separate coin (dubloons) created for it when all you can do is buy temporary buffs for the expeditions themselves! I'd expected it to be the same as the rare stuff vendor in Dalaran, so you could at least work your way towards a goal, but this? Even people who are grinding AP (for the neck) don't want to do these anymore.

I'd expected so much more from this, but it's just like some random, small-ish battleground with three players at either side. Oh, and it's on a timer, sort of. Wow. Such fun.
after doing hundreds and hundreds of expeditions i decided it was time to stop. this rng regarding mounts is crazy man. i will not set foot in island expeditions ever again.
Only reason at all i do Islands on my characters is that they are required to do to upgrade the ship.
29/10/2018 00:41Posted by Kynarja
Agreed 100%. This casino simulation is getting out of hand.
You can always just not opt in, I havn't done a single island expedition since my first one and tbh I don't feel like I'm missing anything

The way OP and second post describe this feels like it's the same mentality that makes you do a WQ with a gear reward because 'it might titanforge'
if you're going to chase after that you'll end up hating the game because it doesn't happen often enough to feel rewarding (but I'd rather see them cap the whole forging at +10 ilvl max so a small titanforge isn't a disapointment)

I can't say I'm missing anything in the sense of azerite power, sure I havn't unlocked the +5 ilvls on every 370 azerite gear yet but who cares

It just sounds like you guys are hurting yourself by entering island expeditions and after the hurt you do it again

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