Goodbye fellow druids and druidess's

I would say I have been raiding as a resto druid since wrath of the lich king, played the game since vanilla. With some moments of the other specs a bit here and there, though primarily-- always, resto.

I really like how this game is, I loved the quests in this expansion. I think my druid is really beautiful and that she is/was fun to play.

Druid is the best class in WoW in my opinion.

But I will probably bid my farewell for good this time. I have taken pauses from the game before but now as I am 23 years old I have found that gaming is not so big of an interest anylonger. I have seen more of the world now, experienced things and other interests have blossomed from within me as life continues forward like time passes us by.

I love nature IRL, I love animals. The trash and plastic waste that is destroying our fellow life forms is very saddening. Aswell as the tons of plastics that floats in the ocean. So for the future I wish to use less plastic and make my choices with nature in the back of my head. What will the consequences of this choice be? Are there better options?

If I ever become a millionare I would spend my money on cleaning the planet up.

But all in all, if I were to just look at myself and ignore the world for a moment... Then I would just love to have two dogs, a little house with a yard, being able to eat nice food and hang with kind people that I like. Then every second year, I would like to travel to a random place in the world and explore.

I suppose that's my dream life.

Take care you all, if you haven't found your dream yet, nor your hope or wish - I am sure you will find it with time and experience. A tip is to step outside your comfort zone (in a good way).
I rarely comment this kind of threads, but yours is quite touching to say the least.
Goodbye and good luck in whatever life will bring you.
Thank you Sariath, I appreciate it. :) Good luck to you too and have a lovely week and weekend :D
Good luck with your adventures!
Good bye and good luck!

P.S. Cya in 2022, cheers !
Enjoy your adventures and saving the world! :)

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