[A]DK 3/8M LF Guild

I'm a 8 year experienced dk lf a new home, my previous guild disbanded due to officers irl problems and people shortage
My exp in this tier so far is till vectis we got him to 19% almost 3 weeks ago.
I'm planning to move to alliance since 90% of my friends are playing alliance, i'm willing to xfer the character as well.
My main spec in this tier is frost, even tho I just tanked for most of the mythic+ i did. I used to main tank for 8 years mostly dk/paladin with sometimes some in meta tank depending on the guild i was in, to help the healers out. I have all the tanking classes to 120, willing to switch to tanking with a different class if you are willing to help me to dress em, also i have played both hunter and lock for an extended period of time(Lock only affliction).
My warcraft logs: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/character/eu/draenor/vegmar#difficulty=4
If you are willing to chat with me, this is mybtag: Heeres#2688

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