Legacy Loot from Legion Raids

As the title states. I decided to try and get the Nighthold normal tier set. I solo killed 7 bosses, rerolled 5 times and only ended up getting 2 items (wrist and a trinket at that). So my question is - is there any word about this being somewhat changed anytime soon? Because it is a bit ridiculous. With each boss dropping up from 3 items and not even having a guaranteed chance to get a drop even if you're the single person in the party, grinding full sets is going to take months (and a lot of them). It will become especially apparent later during the expansion when more and more people will be geared enough to try the Legion content.
Legacy starts if the mobs are at least 10 lvls lower than you are. The legion raid mobs are somewhat lvl 111-112, so no legacy there.
Yeah, I know it's how it works. I just don't think it should work that way, unless they stated a good reason why it's that way?

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