260k+ dislikes in 20+ hours

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03/11/2018 01:20Posted by Gorewolf

100k dislikes for a mobile game which looked pretty decent for what it is.

I feel really bad for Blizzard, these online communities nowadays...

So if blizzard next year announces that the next path for WoW is WoW-mobile, you are just gonna feel "bad for Blizzard" then too?

I mean: Diablo is their WoW... That fanbase is loyal to the game they have played forever on PC.

That said: Surely Blizzard are right when they say that new players will come to the franchise now that they go Mobile. Maybe it will "explode" in Asia. Who knows?
But the current Diablo fan-base, just got thoroughly screwed... They are PC gamers, and their "new Diablo game" was....... NOT A PC GAME!
No way else to put it, in my honest opinion.
I will probably play the mobile D3, as long as my PC purchase counts and I don't have to buy it again. I definitely wouldn't buy it a second time.

I mean, there are times when I'm travelling without a PC and I end up looking for a decent mobile game to kill some time. Have you seen the majority of mobile games? They suck balls.

I'm currently playing the mobile version of Syberia, which is amazing because I never got to finish the original PC version. It seems to me the only way to get a decent game on mobile is to port a PC game. So be it.

I'm not even surprised they took this route. Activision owns King, which owns Candy Crush Saga and makes something like a billion a year.
I truly hope it will reach to be most disliked video on YT.

Sadly I doubt it since not that many diablo fans.

And blizzards lawyers are working hard (Seems these days they are only ones) to get dislikes away.
03/11/2018 01:33Posted by Gorewolf
03/11/2018 01:24Posted by Pixelbear
this isn't the blizzard we want but the blizzard we got ... things like this are to be expected. diablo mobile could be alright not for me ... and its a massive freaking slap in the face for the pc diablo community.... however i don't even have a mobile phone yet alone going to play anything on it on the go .. specially with it already coming out on the switch.

Are you really so stupid to think that there wont be a Diablo 5 cuz of Diablo Immortal?


did i say anything about diablo 5? :) NO
did i say i was angry about it ? NO
did i say the mobile game wont work ? NO

did you even read my comment ? Doesn't look like it...

lmfao some people..

EDIT hold on let me answer them for you incase you are really the stupid one xD
03/11/2018 01:35Posted by Truckatoot
So if blizzard next year announces that the next path for WoW is WoW-mobile, you are just gonna feel "bad for Blizzard" then too?

I mean: Diablo is their WoW... That fanbase is loyal to the game they have played forever on PC.

Cant even remotely compare the two.

WoW has no place on Mobile, whereas an Action RPG/HackNSlay like Diablo is more fitting with its little abilities and permanent farming of RNG generated dungeons.

I dont like mobile gaming that much apart from Hearthstone but this Game looked both graphically and gameplay wise alright.
03/11/2018 01:35Posted by Truckatoot
They are PC gamers

Aren't they just gamers? I mean, I'm sure there are lots of people who are excited about Diablo because they've played Diablo III on their PS4 or Xbox.

Not everyone has a gaming history that dates back to 1996. In fact, going by the sales numbers of Diablo back then, few people can claim that.

It's like the Star Wars franchise.
You have a fanbase that consists of those 55 year old dudes who saw A New Hope in theaters back in the late 70's and became Star Wars fans because of that film experience.
But you also got 12 year old kids who've grown up with The Clone Wars on Cartoon Network, and who are Star Wars fans because of that cartoon experience.

Blizzard's Diablo franchise is so old (21 years in fact) that it spans multiple generations now. Oldschool fans and newer fans alike. The oldschool fans might be stalwart PC gamers the way the oldschool Star Wars fans have a fondness for the unedited VHS tapes of the original 3 movies, but that doesn't detract from the fact that their wishes and likes don't represent the entirety of the fanbase anymore.

Most of Blizzard's old franchise games are going through that process where oldschool players don't like changes made for a modern audience (automatic SVC mining in StarCraft II?! Sacrilege! Online only in Diablo III? Blasphemy!).

People are getting old. And old people don't like change :P
I don't see the issue myself. I probably won't be playing Immortal, but it doesn't really surprise me that we'd see a mobile game from Blizzard. It's a big market after all.

Is it Diablo 4? No, and I think the harsh reception largely stems from the lack of a sequel rather than the nature of this mobile game.
I know they have made this announcement, but I still believe they have not managed the situation well.

This here looks like they are trying to gain access to a new market, get more customers, I mean he pretty much said it at the begining of the stream, yet they came up with "hey we have something very exciting for you", as in our existing customers. That was an error. They are not targetting the same audience.

And they failed to assess how much of current Diablo playerbase would be interested in having a mobile game. Hearthstone was a success. I think a Starcraft STR mobile version would work too, because it just fits well on a smartphone. But action based games are awful to play on smartphones.

03/11/2018 01:08Posted by Jito
So why the huge upset? I don't understand it.

Most of the time you make good use of logic and common sense in your answers. But you seem to have an unconditional love for Blizzard, by that I mean some form of bias. This may be the reason why you don't understand the massive upset.
There is a rumor they are gonna replace the trailer (there is a hidden one), here is the link to the orignal for safekeeping: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RtSmAwpVHsA&lc=

4.2k likes and 112k dislikes at 3/11/2018 CEST+1 3:10AM

Edit: They are also activly deleting/hiding comments on the trailer. Btw I dare for anyone to explain how 112k dislikes vs 4.2k likes means we love mobile gaming.

Edit 2: https://www.reddit.com/r/Diablo/comments/9tq3sm/blizzard_is_changing_the_video_link_in_the/ > https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5iajnrdSj1o&
Loved the comment on YT " Nice try EA I'll keep my money "

It's very fitting, I'll not be buying this game.
It's only the start,next you will see
Wow on mobile that why all the changes to make game easier and for the pc version buyable loot box that can titanforge with real money or blizzard balance (gold).
Heroes of the storm on mobile remake.
Hearthstone 1 more exp every year with more legendary card each set.
And then the fall of activision-blizzard.
This company is starting to falling into the abyss of bull!@#$ game and changes.
02/11/2018 21:39Posted by Grogk
40k+ dislikes


90+ dislikes

They keep deleting comments, but they cant delete the downvotes!

Who cares about that game ? post on there forums ?
Why would they even make a mobil game when your entire fan base is on PC who we don't care about damn mobil. That pool they showed about it being the most voted game was so fake lol doctored
Used to be a Diablo 2 fan, played it a lot, even climbed to Eu ladders #1 couple times, then switched to wow when it came out. By the years I was watching how diablo was going, when 3 came out was ready to buy it but nah, it didn't look appealing like the previous ones. I feel so bad, even if I'm not a diablo fan anymore, with this announcement. WoW is my game for all of these years, I can't imagine what whould happen if something like diablo happend to WoW, I mean, all those people that they were Diablo dedicated fans for all of these years (and didn't switch to something else) must feel so bad, putting a tombstone on their game, that amazing franchise, today.
@Jito stop drunk posting
It is the laziest thing ever....

It's not a new game.

It's a diablo themed reskin of an already existing mobile game....
03/11/2018 02:12Posted by Destruct

Edit: They are also activly deleting/hiding comments on the trailer. Btw I dare for anyone to explain how 112k dislikes vs 4.2k likes means we love mobile gaming.


Russian bots ofcourse!
lets !@#$ing goo, this is so %^-*ty that i should put 100 downvotes myself
I like how the community reacted and the memes are fun.

You can't really expect me to go WOW YEAAAAAAAAAAAH at something that I don't want.

The community mostly reacted properly, showing zero interest and disliking what they don't like ( you know being critical isn't a bad thing ). I too disliked the trailer.

And it's true, it feels like the famous blizzard polish and extremely high standards for releasing a game seems like it just got killed, hence all the R.I.P posts.

And ontop of that, a mobile game means that they will most likely have to try and lower the Age needed to play, making it more kid friendly because that's obviously the target audience, and that betrays what diablo is in essence, A horror story focused on brutally murdering demons and demons brutally murdering your kind and then when you win you brutally murder them for fun, sport and gear.

And you can notice in the cinematic, there was zero drop of blood, even the demons eating ( something ) scene was vague and looks just like how anime censors brutal scenes to lower age ratings, a fight like that in A diablo game would be full on bloody/limbs flying around.

Look at D3 RoS cinematic, you could literally see blood and decapitated heads in Malthael's entrance.

I could be just overthinking it but this is how it actually feels.

Let's just hope that it was just an ol tease and they would announce the D4/ D2 remaster today.

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