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I've recently come across a problem with Mythic keystone leaderboards, where few of our group runs were completely missing from leaderboards. It only happened for runs, where we had completed a higher keystone level that week.

It seems like only the highest completed level is recorded in the leaderboards, which is not convenient when the highest completed level was completed way out of the dungeon time limit. We would like to present ourselves with the best achieved runs and the community values timed runs highly above runs that exceed the timer.

Can you please confirm whether our assumption of how leaderboards work is correct? If it's correct, is there a chance of these runs appearing in the leaderboards later?
Only the top 500 per dungeon per realm are logged in the API. I think it's only possible to view the top 100 though.
Check your servers lowest dungeon keystone from this link, also check other players’ servers if you are pugging cross realm
Dungeon level being too low is not an option as we are talking +18/19s here.

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