alliance bfa pet vendors from a horde pov..

Pet Battles
Seems a silly question to ask but can horde access the alliance pet vendors? not the exalted/revered ones but the normal ones?
If not then is it just me that thinks the way blizz did pet vendors this expac is a really bad design flaw?
besides the AH are we really meant to level an alliance from 0/110 to obtain these pets?

The Ah prices are ridiculous.
Well, considering we had to level a Rogue, DK, Monk, and Warlock or DH in Legion, and an Alliance and a Horde, with no alternative, this is relatively mild.

Since nearly(?) all of the rep pets are cageable, there is trading going on on the DIscord. People trade Alliance for Horde pets of equal number of charms. It's not terribly active yet, since most people are still gathering charms for the basics that they can buy, but it's certainly happening.
ah yeah thats a good idea checking discord, and yeah i never thought about the legion class pets as i already had the classes so didnt really affect me.

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