Low % Weekly Chest Rewards

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So, I've been running a couple of +10 keys on this Alt and alot of them on my main.

And I have to say, the RNG M+ System going on right now is completely stupid.
My friends, and everyone else appearently are getting like BiS 395 pieces and Azerite armor and weapons and all that stuff. And I only get 380 pieces wich is absolutely trash comparing to what i allready have, and I've done a +10 every week since M+ system came out in BFA, and I've gotten nothing but trash items.
And I'm beginning to get really sick of it, farming +10 key's every week, hoping for that 1 decent item, wich could increase my sim dps, or replace that one trinket some time, but never comes. It's been like this for quite some time now.

So I really hope the % chance of getting some decent gear will be increased soon, because I will not deal with this anymore.
I remember raiding in vanilla, for over a year we cleared MC, i never got those Giantstalker's Leggings tho, or the Dragonstalker ones... Over a year of clearing raids, we saw 2 hunter leggings drops ..

That is bad luck.
Low % chance... what do you expect when there is tons of items??? lol

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