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Please use this thread for feedback and bug reports regarding this encounter, or related issues. Noting the nature of your group (Mythic guild premade, PUG, etc.) is helpful, as are any logs. Thank you to everyone who has come out to help test!
7th legion sure is scary D:
why do the bosses keep hitting tanks when one is in the air and the other is on the ground with no healers and a 150k fireball slinging !@#$monster

e: like what is the counterplay to getting teleported and getting hit by
remove tanks
Send all players up *Check* forget tanks exist *Check* forget that you've removed all self-sustainability *Check* Blizzard *Check*

19 players getting sent up and there's not sustainability for the tank, just dying through EVERYTHING. Everyone also gets ported on the same sport after multi-sided so the pounces of a rogue xuen can just RUIN you.
It's quite hard to tell which images from multi-sided strike are from you imo + the images could be less transparent.

all players being sent up + only one tank staying with the boss and the caster boss still casting his fireballs felt REALLY awful. even really obnoxious as brewmaster.
probably should stop to cast fireballs, if this is necessary to not despawn the boss.

spirits of xuen spawned INSIDE the stairs (where the bosses spawn), which made them effectively invincible until they came out. it killed the raid after multi-sided strike, because they respawned on one spot and got jumped on by said spirit of xuen.

for some reason people had hard frame drops / client freezes when engaging the bossfight and for the following seconds.

also seemed to be overtuned tank dtps-wise for the third boss.
As Quotey says, there's no real counterplay to a tank having to live either 2x fireballs while in the air, or tanking a boss + 2x fireballs while downstairs, without popping every single cd as there's zero external healing comming your way. Either make the bosses just... *not* do anything and send all 20 up, or send us up in teams of 10 and 10 so there's some left downstairs to actually make sure we live (and so the entire raid doesn't get gibbed by a xuen-charge).

The pyroblast felt super inconsequential. A 200K absorb shield in a 20 man raid got removed by DOTs almost instantly, and at that stage it's just a super long cast you gotta interrupt. Needs to be significantly higher if we're supposed to want to switch to him (like ascendant council forced a full-raid switch).

Magma traps are entirely stupid right now. So many spawns that even if your entire raid takes a trap one by one to clear space, you'll run out of people who can soak (because you get a permanent 100% dmg taken from traps debuff) by the 3 minute mark.

Alternatively, hunters or rogues (and no other immunities we found) can clean them all, as turtle/clos makes the hits miss, rather than immune, so you don't get propelled into the air (same concept as varimathras, which was fixed).
Can they either be fixed to -

A: Be reasonable (maybe spawn 3 traps at a time, not 7-8) and not be immune-able at all.


B: Let all immunities work to clean them, so we get to not stack rogues/hunters for the sole purpose of cleaning traps.

Multi-sided strike was buggy. When a paladin went up with bubble, no spirits would spawn. Using bubble would clear the +dmg debuff if they used it after getting through the phase succesfully.

Likewise, sometimes it just wouldn't give a stack despite clearly doing the "dance" properly - taking no damage yet getting "only" 3 stacks rather than 5, or simply not building any at all despite only missing a single hit.

Xuen's being immune to all cc except straight up stuns, once again, kinda sucks (just like the loa-raptors).
the little tiger adds kept attacking people in air and if the target died there they stood inplace without doing anything.

The bombs should be in a fixed order to kill the low HP 200k ish as fast as possible and organize ur raidgroup.

LoS problems with the little stairs/altar. Boss cast can be interrupted with moving in and out of the bomb shroud.

Bombs can only be attacked as caster in a super close radius - far less then the shroud itself.

Images visibility is far from optimal - suggestion remove all others that are not urs cause there is alot !@#$ going on the ground that even reduced ur view on those images.

Boss jump range and starting the AoE volleys until someone melees is far to big - its basically required to have a warri or rogue to perma follow the boss.

Debuff timer are far to close to the in the air images phase - nearly no reaction time

Buff apply for successfully dodging the images did not reward the correct amount of stacks - is it intentet to always get the debuff (increased physdmg taken) even if you dodge all images?

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