Building a 2 day Mythic team - Can you help?

Looking for Players – PvE
Hi there,

<SUPERNOVA> On Stormscale, is building a 2 day Mythic raid team with the objective of achieving cutting edge in Siege of Dazar'alor. For this to happen, WE NEED YOU!

We are looking for raiders that are the “total package”, I mean friendly and dedicated people that are above all experienced in progression raiding, have good logs and are communicative at the right times in the raid.

So we aren't asking for much, just that you be totally awesome people!

We raid on Wednesday and Thursday from 20:30 until 00:00 server time. It is set a little later than some guilds, in order to give us enough time to get the things at home done that we need to do before the raid. - Can't raid on an empty stomach after all!

So it goes without saying that we are mature adults and are looking for similar people – we don't recruit people under 18 normally although we could make an exception for the right logs. Drama Llamas get the boot double quick!

So far, we already have 2 tanks, 3-4 healers and some dps. We have a somewhat set idea about what sort of comp we want to go with but are flexible where cruicial specs are needed for certain mechanics.

We have Brm + DK tanks (and druids levelled and geared as backups). We feel having a Holy Paladin is essential, as could be a resto Shaman for certain mechanics, as well as a Resto Druid for more comfortable combat res. Our Disc and Holy Priests are awesome. We definitely want to have a pair of Warlocks and at least 1 Mage. We will be trying to keep as few melee in the raid as possible, from 5 to a maximum of 7.

If a 2-day schedule and our aims of getting cutting edge with this sounds appealing to you, don't hesitate to get in touch with me! Add me on and we'll have a chat on discord.

Iyotake#21234 – ADD ME NAOW!
Trying to build some connections and doing mythic in the group finder with who we have, if you think you can help, add me on bnet!
Might have our holy paladin! Still looking for rdps though!
Yo ranged, where you at? :D
Recruitment has really picked up in this last day or two. We are still looking for more ranged dps, particularly warlocks and a hunter!
Taloc and Mother now dead! We still really need some ranged! Add me on bnet and let's talk!
We still need more ranged dps!

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