[H] 375 Hunter lf Mythic raiding guild

Looking for Players – PvE
Im looking for active mythic raiding guild 2-3 times a week, I got 8/8 hc and 2/8 mythic.

Bad mythic logs but there's a reason to it.

Open to server transfer.

Jackmeister #2433
Our guild is mostly PvE oriented.
What we do:
Occational Social events / Contests
Social raids
Mythic+ pushes

Website: http://divided.enjin.com/
Server: The Maelstrom
Raid team schedule: Monday - Wednesday 20.00-23:00 Server time.
Social raid & events: Sunday 20.00 - 23.00 Server time.
Legion Progression: 9/11 Antorus Mythic.
BFA Progression: 3/8 Uldir Mythic
Our recruitment post: https://eu.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/17620532119
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQsq3LbEel5xMY_92FMzOwg

Tsn of Divided
B.tag: Sebastian#23194

<Team Two> might be a good fit for you - we are currently 8/8 heroic 1/8 mythic and looking for some DPS to progress further into mythic.

We have an active community and Discord - you are more than welcome to join us on one of our raid nights to get a feel for our group.

You can contact either myself or Hedges via our Battletags (Dyinggiraffe#21826 or Hedges#2469) or whisper anyone online. Thanks for reading and I hope to hear from you soon.
If you're open to potentially realm and faction change should check out <Transparency-Shadowsong> 4/8M i'll link our forum post below!

Give me an add on bluku#2821


<Res Novae>

Is a new raiding guild on EU-Silvermoon (recently transfered from EU-Turalyon) whose core has been founded back in 2007. We have a fun raiding environment with still wanting to progress as far as we can, which ultimatly translates into achieving in Mythic raids, pushing Mythic+ dungeons and trying some (R)BG's and have some laughs while doing it. We are a very versatile bunch and are still looking for a few raiders who are looking for a home in BFA.

We pretty much raided every expansion and one of our most memorable moments were World top 845: Cutting Edge: Garrosh Hellscream (25 player) achievement back in 2014.


Tuesday > 19:30-23:00
Wednesday > 19:30-23:00

Contact us:

Omerta#21965 (me)
Casual Pizza Cats wants your deeps!

Are you either of these two?
    A serious casual raider: a dpser who knows her/his class and wants to progress on Mythic, but who also has a life going on.
    An active social player: someone who wants to join events and clear content together with guildies.

Then we're the guild for you.


Raids are 8-11.30pm on Wednesday (Party Night) and Sunday (Progress Night);
and at 1pm on Saturdays (Alt/Social).

We have a flexible roster, so you will not be punished for missing a raid. !@#$ happens, we all know it. That said, loyalty is rewarded. We bring solid raid leadership, Spirit Cauldrons, Tables, Codexes, and Vantus Runes. In return, we expect you to bring a good understanding of your class and fight mechanics, and a great attitude.

We are looking for Mythic-ready dpsers who want to progress on high content, at a chill pace, with a fun guild. If you want get a sense of the guild vibe, you are welcome to join a Party Night with us before realm swapping!

More info on raiding:

Every week you have a shot at the prestigious Casual Pizza Cats Award by winning trivia night, transmog contests, hide and seek, naked foot runs, musical chairs, falling accurately to your death, limerick contests etc.. (For recent awards, check our subreddit!) Monday night is Monday Mayhem! - we run Mythic+ to get everyone their weekly +10. Every Saturday at 1pm is Casual Dog Daycare - our Normal alt/social raid. Once a month, during the Street Fight, we do an achievement run or clear any kind of special content together (e.g. Timewalking Black Temple). Finally, we have a bunch of altoholics, and if we're really tired of life, we might even fish together.

All members are 18+ and mostly students/working, and so the guild (Discord) is most active in the evenings. We are all pretty chill people, and we like to keep it that way. We don't tolerate drama or immature behavior.

We do not recruit the character. We recruit the person behind the character.

- we log all our raids and are happy to help you with your log
- we stream all our raids over at www.twitch.tv/CasualPizzaCats
- we have our own little guild economy: buying (war packages) cheaper off guild bank than AH
- we hang out on Discord: https://discord.gg/THr7nWx
- our subreddit has more info:

APPLY HERE: https://goo.gl/forms/XKCpT9AF18juYy9k2

One of our recruiters will get in touch with you afterwards!

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