Electronic Activision Blizzard Art's

"Blizzard executive producer Allen Adham has announced that more of the developer's IPs may get the mobile game treatment."
Activision Blizzard? More like Electronic Activision Blizzard Art's (=,..,=)''

Honestly, every time company which is in the business of making games goes public it sooner or later is ruining relation with the community. If people who created Blizzard would actually care about people, not money they wouldn't get greedy and they wouldn't go public. If someone wants to say that you can make more games having more money I would say that I prefer one or two good games rather than 10 mediocre ones and this is what happened to Blizzard products they simply become worse and on top of that they make games on platforms which no one wants (DI <cough>).
A good example of this nonsense is more and more RNG in the WoW. Tones of RNG is the game to artificially make people play WoW longer thus spend more money on the game. It takes more time to farm gear you need rather than buying what you need as soon as you get currency for peace you want. Even if they reverting some RNG nonsense in 8.1 we still probably will be left with PvP gear roulette where you get THREE times in a row same piece of gear which is just ridiculous and useless.

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