Do I #HAVETO# grind AZERITE??? please answer.

I was so hyped to get BFA, I even made a Youtube channel which was doing quite well for the beginner. But all the Hypes and Promises to fans "died out" once Ive hit 120 and with it all the fun.

I do not wish to be negative but I feel like im really really Forced to grind Azerite in order to progress..?

Why cant I just get normal shoulder, helm and chest piece like in some previous expansions and try to find better one later on in the raids and stuff?

But no, I HAVE to grind Azerite in order to upgrade 3 of those all the time othervise you are bad in stats and wont get any raid or mythic invite. Or am I wrong?

I just want it to be NORMAL like in LK. Ding max level, do dungeons, hop into raid. No need to grind some random stuff if you really don't want too. I mean I don't "NEED" to grind azurite but it does not seems to be other way to get you raiding.

No harshness or hard feelins but I just kinda feel disappointed :(? But it is my faulth cuz I should have informed more before purchasing it I guess.
If you get the first 2 traits on your azerite gear then you're set. The rest will come naturally and you shouldn't really have to care about it.
Short answer - Yes

Long answer - Yes sir
It is very bad if you have alts. These WQs are driving me nuts and they are not healthy.
If only one char just keep playing game. Do rep and all - you will not feel like a grind. I just did daily wq and weekly islands and all traits unlocked.

If you have alts then it's bit different story.

I recently leveled an alt. I didnt even do any AP wq's other than, if they happened to be some quick wq's that I could use to easily complete emissaries. Basically did only wq's that reward gear.

Even so, the necklace level rather quickly reached nearly the level this main had.

There is absolutely no point in farming AP unless you want to quickly unlock the relevant azerite traits. Since you need far less AP to reach those traits these days than, say at begining of bfa, I'm pretty sure those get unlocked very quickly so no point caring about them either, I think.
No. The rep for Champions of Azeroth will be shared account wide in 8.1 so Magni will upgrade you neck piece as soon as you hit 120 and your ilevel of your other gear goes up and lets be honest the Azerite traits are meh.
just to clarify here that in 8.1 they are nerfing the AP grind.

If you have at least one character Revered with CoA then all your other alts will get the 45+ ilvl bonus.

Apart from that, every week the AP you get is more than the previous week so grinding AP should be very easy.

The best place to farm AP is island expeditions, for weekly cap and Mission's Table
I'd much rather go back to tier sets and regular gear that actually has secondary stats on it over the azerite system but then they wouldn't be able to have an AP grind. So sadly if you want to unlock everything faster you will have to do a bit of grind to unlock the first two traits.
Azerite isn't half as bad as Artifact power imo, you should be happy to not gring for each specc separately.

Even if I also think that the traits aren't really exciting.
No you dont.
Currently the catchup system makes it so you basically get 20+ level without playing much at all.
This from my friends who leveled up alts, and new mains.

This is what i do: turn off azerite power tracking bar.
Play the game how i like.

In legion, i felt the need to get all the traits unlocked so i worked on it. This xpac is just different. Doesnt really matter. Most of the power is in the first trait, maybe some in second row if you are lucky. 3rd ring is mostly useless and the extra 5ilvl at the end is just that. Wont notice it either way.

Just give yourself a favor and play the game and do what you enjoy doing.
Because it's Activision Blizzard's way of artificially extended game time worse than ever before.

They don't want you to have full control and target gear pieces with Justice/Valor/Honor/Conquest points until you're satisfied with your gear so you can clear content more effectively and fully engage in PvP, etc. They want you spending as much time as possible grinding AP and chasing carrots-on-sticks for RNG Titanforged loot for your subscription to continue ticking along, and has it worked? nope. Subs are plummeting, and not only for those reasons alone.
No one is forcing you to grind anything .
No you don't need to.....
All you have to do is uninstall and cancel sub for now till 8.2 or 9.0.
Depends on class/spec. For some you dont need farm anything because azerit trais are so boring and useless for them that even if you start use your bis trait you dont even recongnize it.
All this complaining. When you got all your bis gear, whats the point of playing the game after? Whats the point doing pvp or raid? Its the same thing. Now you just think blizz wants to make you farm brainlessly 24/7, or you cant compete in any content.
Well thats just not true. I only do weekly m+ and heroic raid/maybe first 2 bosses on mythic and guess what. My gear would be good enough for completing the hardest content in the game.

If you are actually farming for possible forges and other upgrades than you have problems. Simply play the game and be happy when you get something. And you can always get something better. You can play your character without the feeling of it being 100% pointless.

I definietly prefer this way rather than the system before. Got best gear possible? Cant improve in anything anymore, you are done for this patch, gz.
15/11/2018 12:08Posted by Nanccy
It is very bad if you have alts. These WQs are driving me nuts and they are not healthy.

indeed... I can't tank in Guild Raids so I have to use my main BM Hunter and in the meanwhile gear up this Tank for mythics + and PUG Raids... that means double rep, double azerite grind, double emissary, basically double everything... Guild and I are @ HC G'huun and tank is learning M+4 and PUG G'huun Normal but I don't think I'm able keeping up that much work for long...

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