loot specialization makes no sence this expansion

So ive been playing as holy paladin, and had loot specialization as holy paladin.
Yet though, i now have a lot better tanking gear, then holy gear.
Here is why : ive been grinding a lot of mythic +, raided every week, did my 385 crafting etc. Yet though, i keep getting haste/mastery gear, haste versatility gear from my weekly mythic chest, over and over again, and same goes for the crafting gear, also the amount of holy gear in raids are so bad. As holy paladin i need crit, as much as i can, not haste!

Is this just the result of the stupid RNG this game has become? why do we have loot specialization, if we keep getting the wrong stats? Other that have the same problem? Is it gonna be changed??
Loot spec is for weapons and trinkets, nothing else.
15/11/2018 12:08Posted by Miraine
Loot spec is for weapons and trinkets, nothing else.

Stats are RNG no matter what spec you have
If the stat benefits you, then it's for your spec.

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