3 High exp raiders LF mythic guild

Twisting Nether
Hi there,

We're a group of 3-4 friends from sweden that recently migrated here from alliance. We've been raiding together for a long time and have a ton of experience, always come prepared and not afraid to speak on voice.

We're looking for a guild that's raiding mythic 2 times a week wed-sun, preferably 19-23ish. All of us are always min-maxing and performing at a very high level, we just don't have the time to raid hardcore anymore. However, we wish to find a place that does not raid too hard BUT have a high performance when it's raid time.

Currently we have the following characters:
-Hunter/Resto shaman
-DPS warrior
-DH/warlock (lock is not very high geared yet)

Hit me up on bnet or discord:
Sillyx#2567 disc
Sillyx#2536 bnet

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