Why are people so "toxic" towards quiting

12/10/2018 11:51Posted by Laineth
"k bye"
"nobody will miss you"
"see you in 2 months"

These are good examples to make me not want to come back since the community has become so cancerous. In other MMORPGs people will do their best to try and change your mind with positive vibes, not in WOW.

It will bite them in the !@# one day since they will have fewer people to play with as time goes on. And then complain that everybody is quitting. :)
yep. this is it. it was a great community and now it is basically the same as fortnite/lol/ and the other trash toxic communities
It's mostly because people feel the need to announce they are quitting.. no one cares.
Because people who post im quitting despite what they will tell you otherwise, most, if not all, are pissed because Blizzard wont fine tune to THEIR liking.

Ergo. They are not looking to be convinced otherwise.
Their mind is already made up. They just want validation. And when they don't get that validation, they throw a hissy fit and act all surprised when people reply "yeah yeah same old.. See you next month"

And you would have to be pretty naive not to think at least 50% do exactly that. And just as equally naive to think WoW has not gained and lost subs since it started.
Why do the people who are quitting think we care? Do they think that they are someone special and that people will cry tragic tears at their passing?
Because quitters usually call those of us who like the game idiots with no taste and, moreover, BLAME us for the allegedly bad state of the game.

Also, they just repeat what thousands of other quitters have already said, they don’t contribute anything to the community and the vast majority of their comments are simply toxic, not constructive feedback.

I’m DYING for the release of Classic just to see these folks getting bored to DEATH and being confused when they realize how awesome the game is currently, even with its shortcomings.
People want to talk to someone when they're disappointed. Most talk to friends when they quit wow. The people that announce quitting are a "quitting minority" and have no one to talk to about it, hence they write here.
Half of my raiding guild is unsubbed, way to burned out.
It is hypocricy of the whole act. Most of these topics are basicaly "Game sucks blizzard! I quit". But they dont really. They are still writting from active accoutn, obviously, they are nto quitting for real in Nine out of Ten cases.

It is not them quitting, it is them craving attention, putting drama on, throwing a "I GUIT IF I DONT GET WHAT I WANT" tantrum.

It is exact same thing as little kid rolling on the floor of grocery store after mother refused to buy him extra candy.

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