Your personal top 3 races

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25/10/2018 09:49Posted by Vossprey
I'll go with

1 - Mrrrgbllgrgllllabllmnll
2 - Highmountain Tauren
3 - Dark Iron Dwarves

Oh forgot about the green squishy ninja frogs. So sad one of the toys I have to turn players into murlocs has only one charge left :(

25/10/2018 10:10Posted by Felìx
WEC/GT Racing

F1 is boring nowadays. You should check out MotoGP/2/3 :p
id love to play:

1. Orges
2. Naga
3. Vulpera :D
1. Dark Iron Human
2. Highmountain Human
3. Lightforged Human
1. Draenei
2. High elves/Blood elves/Void Elves
3. Humans

My favorite races are not playable - Naga and Broken
1. Tauren
2. Forsaken
3. Goblin

Bónus: Vulpera :p
#1 Tauren
#2 Troll
#3 Worgen

Males only.
1. Highborne
2. Nightborne
3. Sin'Dorei
1. Forsaken
2. Darkspear
3. Zandalari
1. Zandalar troll (w8ting room).
2. Darkspear troll
3. Blood troll or dark troll or drakari (frost) troll or gurubashi (jungle) troll or amani (forest) troll or zul farak (sand) troll. ((Maybe undead mummy troll))
1. Vulpera
2. Sethrak
3. Pandaren

small mention: Any Dwarves cause they are awesome.
1. Small gnomes
2. Medium gnomes
3. Large gnomes
1. Tauren,
2. Goblin,
3. Nightbourne..

There is a timeline when human tops them all i'm sure, if i believed in those. But i chose Horde.. For the Horde!!! :)
1. Dogs
2. Female draenei
3. Kultirans
1. Blood Elves
2. Orcs (Normal and Mag’har)
3. Dark Iron Dwarves

Zandalari will likely usurp the Dark Iron’s place.
1. Dark iron dwarf
2. Human
3. Normal dwarves? I don't know.

I also like Orcs, but never really played one that much since I'm mainly alliance focused (easier to keep things within one faction).
yeah i completely didn't think of murlocs as a race for some reason xD murlocs would be my number 1 if we are playing like that then my top 3 would be..

Night ELf, Nightborne, Void Elf, Blood elf
1. Murlocs
2. Gnomes
3. Blood Trolls
HM Taurean

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