Wands still can't be transmoged to artifact

Okay so i understand there is A LOT worse with the game in its current state then this but its really tilting knowing that i can't use my fire mage appearance (sword and offhand) just cause i have a wand over a staff. i ain't a game dev but i'm sure it wouldn't be rocket science to fix this and could be hotfixed.
Fun fact. This isn't a bug and it's working as intended so they ain't gonna fix it.

Official response is: Ranged weapons can only be transmoged into ranged weapons, Legion Artifacts can't override this restriction.

The issue here is that wand used different autoattack anmation and shoots a magic bolt that would look weird with a sword or a staff.
In all honesty, I would love if they made staves into ranged weapons, like they are in some other games! For example some of the characters in Heroes of the Storm use staves as ranged attacks, and in Dragon Age...

For swords and maces it might not work as well.
The artifact transmog system is utterly broken :/

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