[H] Failventurers lfm to go on Adventure

Emerald Dream / Terenas
Hello there!

Glad you could stop by and have a bit of a read. I am Monkraa great fail monk of the guild Failventurers. We are a group of about 10 semi active people that have banded together since vanilla. We all came back and play pretty much through Legion, we did mythics and some raiding.

For BFA we wanted to do some more raiding and mythics! And we have! 4/8 Normal and 2/8 heroic, but as of late we are struggling to fill the ranks and therefor we are looking for you!

You are semi mature (oldish but still laugh at fart jokes, like to laugh, like memes and is interested in pushing some mythic keystones and want to dabble in some raiding.

In all seriousness, we don't take the game very serious but still don't like people not paying attention and trying their best. However saying that we don't expect that you have 370+ gear, knows all the tactics for every keystone dungeon or the raids. We are looking for you who will pay attention, like to have fun and want to kill the fat slug G'huun (or Jaina in 8.1 FOR THE HORDE).

If none of this makes any sence, just whisper me in game. Or join the discord @ https://discord.gg/wEMAueq

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