Team IV - Tarren Mill - EU – Horde – Mythic Recruiting

Looking for Players – PvE
Team IV is a new guild formed at the start of BFA after stepping away from a large community guild, but don’t let that fool you into thinking we aren’t a capable mythic team.

We finished Legion with cutting edge Argus and had consistently good mythic raid progress for the whole expansion and we are currently 3/8m progressing Fetid.

Unfortunately due to IRL commitments our roster has shrunk slightly and we are in need of new mythic capable players willing to put the raid ahead of personal glory, and while we don’t ask players to no-life WoW and be playing 24/7, we do expect raiders to be prepared and geared for the level of content we will be progressing.

If you have any questions or wish to apply to the guild please visit our guild website:
xDaeva#2333 - Hello, I am interested in joining the guild as a mythic raider. Can someone tell me more about the guild?

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