Unpopular opinions in World of Warcraft?

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I hope they give us the Vulpera (furry gnomes) as an allied race.

[[is this the sarcasm topic or am i in the wrong place?]]
Blade's Edge is one of my favorite zones

Also I adore turtled Alterac Valleys
Knowledge is power.
TBC is the worst expansion so far.

(and this is not even a joke; this is my actual opinion)
I think the devs actually care about the game and its lore, and want what's best for it in the long term.
"I'm the best mage in the world" <--- Naviic 2k18
Ion Hazakostas isn't dodging every single question like neo from the matrix.
I wouldn't mind if they added transmogs to classic though I can understand why it's not a good idea.
My blasted lands portal keeps sparkling even after I've done everything.

WOD was a good expansion

Pandas and the Monk class are awesome.

I miss when GMs actually cared about your problems, and would even turn you into weird creatures. Now all they can do is give u that fish that turns you into a ninja.
Class design is briliant.
Monk is the (2nd) best class in wow
I think wq's are amazing.
Healers can't kill pure dpsers 1v1.
I really loved Cataclysm.

And yes, I started playign before it.

i think vash'ir is the best zone in azeroth
I'm un love with all the rng, and blizzard should only cater to their personal wallet.
Alliance is cool and not disadvantaged.
MoP was the best expansion.

(I started in Vanilla).
60-80 is the best alt leveling experience you can get.
I am a casual player whom likes WoW.

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