Intimidation working wrong?

I just noticed Intimidation isnt stunning, but loads the pet with a stun for its next attack.
for example: if i target a beast and use Intimidation it wont stun, but "buff" the pet with stun for 10 seconds, and will only stun when i send the pet to attack it.
its just wrong, because its not the tooltip+its not instant as it says it is.
also it wont stun the target i chose if i change target before the pet hit him, because the pet will go to my other target.

also, thats definity not what the tooltip says.
Its been like this since ever
29/10/2018 21:30Posted by Taigertraps
Its been like this since ever

didnt know, they should change the tooltip tho since its wrong.

also, why Camouflage not working on pet?
thats just wierd since you are a beast master, and your pet should be always ready.
I used a macro with petattack and stun in it to get the correct target. I think it was
/cast Intimidation
(someone correct me if i remember wrong).

It solves the problem a little atleast.

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