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So why not implement a title for making 5000 baby turtles make it to the water. I've probably saved over a thousand turtles by now shrugs

Just a silly thing I thought of doing today's emissary.
I agree. I want a title for saving so many turtles from bad bad birbs and crabs.

Vote for Title "[Charname] has made it to the water"
30/10/2018 16:39Posted by Nolycrab
Vote for Title "[Charname] has made it to the water"


Also "[CharName] made Loh go" would be nice! :-D
I really want to have such a title too XD can we have a poll? ^^
No - i have done with all rep. Now I leave those turtle to their natural fate and cycle contineous.

Pls make this real
Or that you have to save 99.999 turtles *flatlines*
Rather not to remember them after this expansion. Specially tha cruel grandma turtle who watches them die!
I have better idea, remove the turtles from the game :)
Yeah I'd actually be alright just doing Make Loh Go and the memory game.

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