Sylvanas Supporters: What do you think will happen?

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08/11/2018 14:14Posted by Araphant
You do not understand my answer, that's the problem.

Well, guilty. I dont understand everything people say. I normaly orientate myself on the mimic and expressions. Something that I dont have here.

Your reply is right but in core doesnt change my claim that the forsaken helped the horde during their time in the horde. Thats what I answered in short without taking pages into details that in the end were not requested. Yeah they did alot of crap but helped the horde in every expansion one way or another.

Posted by Xiaopaw
WotLK: Doesnt matter what reason they had to be there. They secured lands for the horde. They helped with the offensives and lost soldiers too.

Mistake: None, but you do understand that the Wrathgate fiasco is Sylvanas's fault to a certain degree?

The Fjord is only forsaken fighting there for Horde, even if they have own objectives, the Horde has bases there thanks to them. and yes I know wraithgate she as fault to some degree. Doesnt change that the forsaken offense helped the horde too.
Kerrigan,I mean Sylvanas leave and create the mongrel horde out of other outcasts like gnolls,Kobolds,troggs,murlocs and enhance them through alchemy of the forsaken and deadly machinery.

Nah I don't know but in one way I would had liked the scrapped idea of Garrosh mongrel horde would maybe been more interesting than say travel to alternate horde timeline.

Maybe we would had allied races like gnolls,Kobolds,Quillboars etc?
Mag'har we still could had taken from outland.
But yeah maybe a Sylvanas mongrel horde made out of other outcasts of azeroth is the future.
Some that suffered under the heels of both Horde and Alliance?
08/11/2018 18:11Posted by Garroona
Kerrigan,I mean Sylvanas leave and create the mongrel horde out of other outcasts like gnolls,Kobolds,troggs,murlocs and enhance them through alchemy of the forsaken and deadly machinery.

I just realized she cant be Kerrigan. The cheesy two worlds lover story is not there. We would need a male with tags like "badass, full of testosterone, heroic soldier fallen into depression" on the alliance side, that the real Sylvanas is still there and he can save her.

*inbefore Blizzard changes the storys to badass, full of testosterone Manduin fighting his way to save his old love Sylvanas*... or Baine

actually... I would read that just because it is so absurd it has to be good

title of the book: Gone with the plague/blight

Just imagine this cover with anduin and sylvanas:
You have just crossed a terrible threshold, Panda.
09/11/2018 14:11Posted by Halasibel
You have just crossed a terrible threshold, Panda.

Admit it. You would love to see it ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

And for the more naughty audience:
Can you please stop lmao
08/11/2018 12:18Posted by Beher
Bliss... thats what would happen.

We would preserve humans in controlled environment, overseeing their reproduction so they can supply us with body parts and more Forsaken. Then we would set out to conquer the universe, destroy both light and shadow and instate what Sargeras desired... order and tranquility.

Azeroth would be left to lesser minds, such as tauren and night elves, so you can worship dirt and pray to branches, while we are on a mission to save existence and end the cycle.

Conquer the universe?? You couldnt even hold on to your Capital city little Forsaken let alone present a threat on a cosmic scale. You're gettong smacked around by a demi-god in Darkshore who just got serious,it would be hilarious to see how you would fare against actual cosmic powerhouses like the Void lords/Naaru/Titan Keepers or lesser Titans if any still out there :)
03/11/2018 18:52Posted by Zarao
03/11/2018 18:36Posted by Frozenshadow
which looks almost the same to what they have just done to the Night Elves. Yet barely anyone of them care about that.

Oh I do like hypocrisy. We should just Void up their Sunwell and let them starve.

Night elves tried to do so. They sabotaged Silvermoons defenses (tried to), upon discovering they were still a thing.

No they did not. They where observing/spying,taking notes on the sanctums but never sabotaged them. The sanctums overloaded because of the strain put on them by the BE's. This is said in game by a Magister at 1 of the sanctums about them malfunctioning. We need to stop perpetuating this bull!@#$ that the NE's attacked the BE's just because they were descended from the Highborne or that it was just because they were BE's.

The Kael'thas and Tyrande interaction in WC3 disproves this as well as the certain NE's aiding the HE's in the Troll wars. The reason the NE's where there in the 1st place is to confirm the rumours that the BE's had been devastated by the Scourge and in their desperation where draining arcane magic and being suffused with fel magic to survive the sunwells destruction and the withdrawal and the fear that they could do something stupid and bring the Legion back to Azeroth, which is exactly what happened.

Outside of Lore reasons as we all know was because the Horde needed a pretty race to attract Aliance and casual players to balance the server populations and attract the Asian market so the NE presence in the Ghostlands was used as a pretext to give "Lore" reasons as to why they went Horde rather than Alliance.

Same convulated reasoning behind getting the Vulpera to go Horde after the "Purge Squad" quests and Thalysra being offended by Tyrande and Nightborne going Horde.
08/11/2018 13:14Posted by Xiaopaw
Does this counter my point that in every xpac they did something for the horde? There is no race on any faction that is just sitting there doing nothing. They all contribute to their faction.
He argued that forsaken did nothign for the horde. I brought point to show him/her that that is not true. They did in every xpac help their faction

Learn to read Xiao,i never said they did nothing, i said that their contribution to and over all usefullness from Vanilla to Legion was far far less then other Horde races that have joined prior to BFA and in most cases the Forsaken were a liability and/otr working their own agenda not that of the Horde's.

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