why wow have no dislike ? and diablo have ?

Also I think one of the reasons was you couldn't tell how well was a post received, say for example a post was good and got 100 upvotes, then 100 downvotes, it would mean it would like no one was contributing to it.

Also I think it removes the fear that some has about posting, which may be a good or a bad thing.
You can tell something by the number of likes, but nothing by the number of dislikes.

Plus there was a mob somewhere on this forum who were all disliking the same post and directly targeting certain posters unfairly, regardless of what they would post.
03/11/2018 17:40Posted by Fresh
Because people (blizzard themselves, especially) can't handle criticism.

Or you know, people were mindlessly downvoting something that they did not agree with without providing a counter argument and just pressed a button that didn't mean anything ?
If you agree with someone nothing needs to be said

If you disagree the least you can do is to explain yourself to see if others disagree for the same reasons
05/11/2018 05:18Posted by Siffrah
You can tell something by the number of likes, but nothing by the number of dislikes.

NO. You can tell the same thing about the number of likes and the number of dislikes:
How popular someone is and how much of a herd mentality the group has.

Both cannot say anything about truth/right or wrong, etc.
There is a degree of truth to "not needing to think to dislike, but needing to use thought processes to like"... many may well have been of a mind to dislike something because of the name attached to the post.

There's also a lot of sense to going through life expecting rejection, that way, any acceptance is a bonus - as opposed to vice versa; if you can't handle the fall, start with a lower pedestal.
Because Blizz run SJW propaganda where everything needs to be all rainbows for kids. Harsh comments are deleted and will get you silenced if you use any swear word.
Dislikes don't work when 90% of the playerbase is LFR only.

Any suggestion for improving the game and making some things harder (which would be actually accurate and make the game better) would be instantly downvoted by the army of "casuals" that would look at it like content "they can't do" and not like "Hey I want that and I'm going to put the effort to get it".
why wow have no dislike ?

Because we clearly need more negativity here on the forum.
Downvoting does not add anything to the conversation, imo it's much better to either express your views or stay away if you have nothing useful to contribute.

Upvoting is different in that regard I think: it's a way of expressing "I agree with this", if you don't I'd rather you elaborate on why.
Diablo forum will change soon. Go to see the situation there...
05/11/2018 15:22Posted by Tèsla
Diablo forum will change soon. Go to see the situation there...

I can't, I got banned from the US one. I can go on the EU one still, which is weird.
I got banned, but I was defending Blizzard... Lol.
Blizzard, not Diablo Immortal.... I hasten to add.
Downvote buttons are counterproductive when it comes to discussing a topic.

  • An example:
  • I say "Dogs can see colors"
    Dumb people be like "nah muh fatha tod me they a blind" (this is a common misconception)
    My truth gets 50 dislikes, when someone sees it he'll think it's false.

  • Another example
  • I say "Sylvanas is a bad warchief because she would sacrifice the Horde for more power for herself".
    Dumb people be like "nah puny alliance must die she best warchif u stupid kid she da best blood blood!!4!"
    My truth gets 40 dislikes, when someone sees it he'll think it's false.

    TLDR: People are too dumb to use the feature as it should be, dumb people will downvote instead of going into an argument (that would prove that they are dumb), which makes it counterproductive.

    Why the other Blizzard forums still have it, I have no idea.
    03/11/2018 17:01Posted by Pijanymage
    i just made post on diablo forums and guy who replied me they downvoted the hell of him, why in wow forums you cant downvote someone ?

    if you for example dont like hes post (or my post) you cant click downvote,

    wtf blizz

    Wait 2 days ago you said you where perm ban from Diablo forums so you are a liar then ?

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