Flying Trash Cans (3/8) recruiting

Flying Trash Cans (EU Ravencrest)[u][/u]

Currently looking for players to bolster our ranks in Battle for Azeroth!
We are now 3/8M and not far from downing number 4. We need to add a few more players to our core group to make us more flexible. Our target is always to reach CE in all tiers.
Most of our players are dedicated and plays every evening. We run M+, achievement runs, alt runs, island expeditions, PVP and other stuff on non-raid days.
We have a mature environment and players are 23+. (Mostly Nordic and UK) And our focus is to have fun together in the game. All players are equal worth.

Mythic raiding days are
Monday & Wednesdays 21:00 - 23:30
Sundays 20:00-23:30.
- (Optional) “Thursday Mix alt/mains raid” (Heroic)
- (Optional) “Saturday night beer run” (Normal)

What we need from you:
-Addons: DBM/BigWigs, Exorsus Raid Tools.
- Participate in the non-raid stuff to help others to achieve their goals in the game.
- You are someone that loves raiding and want to progress in Mythic mode.
- Prepare yourself for new encounters, (gems, enchants, food, gold, tactics)
- Raiding experience and skills.
- Near 100% attendance is expected (we understand real life comes first).
- English (read, understand, listen & talk)
- Stable internet connection.
- Being able to listen to and actively speak on discord is required.

What you can expect from us:
- Friendly group with grown up people to raid and play with
- Relaxed raid environment
- Opportunities to progress
- A place where you can get the help and advice you need to become better.
- Always aiming Cutting Edge
- Fun community with good sense of humor
- Grouping for other stuff, when there is not raid days.
- Very helpful guild members and officer's.
- Mature and understandable environment.

If you are interested in the guild just contact any of the following officers:

- Hunter (Ranged spec)
- Mage (Any spec)
- Warlock (Any spec)
- Demon Hunter (dd)
- Druid (Balance)
Other classes will also be considered
I am a main spec veng (2/8), however I can o/s dd, during - dps is decent but I won't lie it's not amazing, I'll leave my logs here (although they are tank logs), if you wanna chat msg me on here.
hey man thing is that we dont need a tank but os tank would be nice but we need dps only

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