paladin or plate set mog problem

hi. I have a problem with 3 sets for transmog for my paladin.
1st - is the one from Ulduar where i need a belt wich aparently is does not drop from ulduar but from WOD. is that true? i want full set to be available from collection and on 10man normal i cannot get that belt.
2nd - is the uldir set. the cloack from the normal set is dropped from world boss wich i consider is not fair. u have only one chance on loot and then wait for many weeks untill u can roll on it again. i used a bonus roll and still nothing. pls fix
3rd - is the warfront set. I got the cape for the set many times but in collection tab does not count as learned. 7th legionair bloody drape.
pls advise or come with a fix. thank you
1. Yes, that's true, this belt wasn't available until WoD. In WoD they used that appearance to add some item diversity of looks and fill out blanks from missing transmog sets. That's why it drops from WoD content.

2. They want you to play for many weeks.

3. It's weird how it works with so many versions of the same item. Some of those register in there and some don't
3- the warfront set that shows up on the tab is from arathi rares, the gear from the warfront itself doesnt show for some reason.

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