Play with the Blues - Nov 9

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We're planning another testing session for the new Darkshore Warfront coming in Tides of Vengeance, and would love for you to join us!

Tomorrow, November 9, beginning at 1 AM CET, we'll be queuing for the new Warfront. As with previous tests, we'll be making a couple PTR-only changes: there will be special queuing tables set up in Orgrimmar and Zandalar, and any character level 110 or higher will be able to participate.

Additionally, there are a couple of changes to the Darkshore zone that we've enabled for testing purposes which we'd like to clarify. All of the Darkshore World Quests are currently active on PTR, and both factions are able to loot the treasures scattered around the zone. After release, only the faction that currently holds the zone will be able to loot the treasures, and only a handful of the World Quests will be enabled at any one time.

We hope to see you tomorrow!
help to the game developers as my experiance with the new wow expansion is when i log in i feel sad at the comunity and for me it feels like a single player co-op and i would like to say if u could add or make hardcore realms for where theres no lfg buttons or flying and increase mob strenght while leveling that would solve a !@#$ load of problems and maybe fix this whole casaul or not aspect bring back pvp vendors and profession stats plus scrap the pvp scaling we wanna be godlike thats why we are hardcore and add some new ahcvments for city invasions or kill so many players in each city or something and make the mount char pacific that would be awsome DO something for the hardcore comunity not just classic and dont give the none casaul players the old school stats or not scaling so theres a reason for olthers to venture into the hardcore realms and i hope sharding is removed from classic if u dont note anything i have said then whats the point i do beleive that the hardcore realms for future expansions would be good for those looking for the classic experiance but in the new content
Would have loved to attended this. But a few of us have made plans to get together with our phones for the evening.
nvm. Best of luck.
Look forward to reading the fedback and responses.

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