Arms Warrior - Optimization, Stat Priorities

Fellow wielders of two-handed awesomeness,

I am kinda struggling to understand Arms Warrior as I keep pushing and optimizing... when I look at guides, compare with other top Arms Warriors, and do simulations, I get no clear understanding.

Interesting is that simulations seem to be totally off at the moment, at least for me... they always recommend me to push for more Haste, prioritize items with haste - while I see lots of other Arms Warriors push for more Crit and keep Haste lower (mostly at around 11%) - So I now adapted the gear and funny enough, suddenly all my simulations also show more dps than before, even though previously it was not recommend to swap any gear pieces.

So either something is off or I am missing something :O

Edit: Just checked again and did two sims, first with my "old gear" comparing the new gear, raidbots telling me this is my top gear: 14300 dps

Then putting on the items manually, doing the exact same sim again: 15000 dps

An increase of 700 dps just being ignored by raidbots... ?
Am in the same boat, tho I seem to be stacking more haste and am sat on 374 ilvl and when I sim my gear i get
15,470 DPS

Ok So the more i look into this the more I start to understand this a little, the haste cap for arms is 20% and the next one you cant get to in current gear, so Raid bots will tell you to get gear with haste on so you can reach that 20% brake point. However with haste buffs you get from enchant and the Reorigination Array you can get the 20% easy so stacking more haste is kinda a waste, so other stats are more viable.

Taken from icy vains

Although there are various breakpoints which allow additional global cooldowns during Colossus Smash Icon Colossus Smash, Haste remains a consistently strong stat due to its influence on the cooldown and DoT tick rate of Arms' abilities. The earliest breakpoint is around 20%, while the later breakpoint is around 50% and out of reach with currenty gearing. In For The Kill Icon In For The Kill makes them much easier to reach, so gearing around them is fairly unimportant.

So once you hit that 20% It seems you sould focus more crit >mast>Vers, with a full Reorigination Array being around 11% haste will get you your 20% right away thats why you will see people on 11%

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