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We're a group of three friends currently searching for a casual raid guild. We main healer, tank and dps characters.

We've recently re-rolled to alliance and are ideally looking for a friendly guild raiding normal/heroic. We're active players and regularly like running M+ as well.

Please drop me a line if you think we might be a good fit for your guild.
Could you say more about your classes/specs, ilvls please?
Hey there,

Take a look here:

Our chillers raid group sound like it might suit you and if you want to progress to progress raiding in the future there is the opportunity to do so.

Hope you find what you are looking for :)
Hi Tripwire

*WhoPulled* is a mature guild that is currently doing some heroic raiding and mythic keystones, amongst other in-game activities. We are all aged between 21 and 45ish and we have a lot of members who are parents with children that demand their time and energy, or jobs that mean they can#t commit to more than a few nights raiding a week. We don't expect anything like 100% attendance, just that you want to make the guild a friendly place and have fun.

Our original post if you want more info:


If you would like more info then please contact me on battlenet, Ditzy#2111 or discord, Kerry#3573
Hey happy to have a chat if you have time Nacra#21906
Hi Tripwire!

Me and my friends are in the exact same situation. Just a few people looking for more to start raiding. We also do Mythic + and PVP.

It would be great to talk more!

BattleTag: Feìnt#2273

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