Dingeldk - Dont play with this DK as he is toxic!

Twisting Nether
Did join Normal Uldir where he was a leader and this whats happen before ZUL:

[Dingeldk-TwistingNether]: need ?
<DBM> DBM has attempted to skip a cut scene automatically.
MOTHER yells: Reorigination drive restored. Vault access granted.
[R] [Wgizmo]: roll [Ring of the Infinite Void]
Dingeldk rolls 43 (1-100)
Lusyra rolls 50 (1-100)
Séth rolls 57 (1-100)
Garrokxd rolls 38 (1-100)
Lareana rolls 13 (1-100)
Liasana rolls 47 (1-100)
Lennyrogue rolls 64 (1-100)
Sïgny rolls 7 (1-100)
Bòexe rolls 75 (1-100)
Perles rolls 65 (1-100)
[Dingeldk-TwistingNether]: gimme
[Dingeldk-TwistingNether]: or peace
<Uldir Trash> [Special Warning] Wild Leap - dodge attack
[R] [Wgizmo]: Boexe trade you won roll
<Uldir Trash> [Special Warning] Wild Leap - dodge attack
[Dingeldk-TwistingNether]: ?
To [Dingeldk-TwistingNether]: did you roll?
[P] [Bòexe-Blackrock]: Unterbrochen Blutweberin der Nazmani's [Blutblitz]!
[Dingeldk-TwistingNether]: yes
Lehtola-Stormreaver receives loot: [Termite-Addled Staff].
To [Dingeldk-TwistingNether]: you didnt won
Séth-Zenedar receives loot: [Tidespray Linen].
[Dingeldk-TwistingNether]: no but i need it more then him
[Dingeldk-TwistingNether]: and im leader
[R] [Bòexe-Blackrock]: ty
[Dingeldk-TwistingNether]: so yeah
You loot 2 Gold, 39 Silver, 29 Copper
Omegatanks-ScarshieldLegion receives loot: [Tidespray Linen].
[|Kf82|k000000|k] (Kishin) has come online.
You have been removed from the group.
<Uldir Trash> [Special Warning] Wild Leap - dodge attack
<Uldir Trash> [Special Warning] Wild Leap - dodge attack
[Wgizmo]: LOL KICKED
[Wgizmo]: WTF
[Dingeldk-TwistingNether]: ?
[Dingeldk-TwistingNether]: wtf u talking bout
<Uldir Trash> [Special Warning] Wild Leap - dodge attack
[|Kf93|k0000000|k] (Creator) has come online.
[Dingeldk-TwistingNether]: ?
[Dingeldk-TwistingNether]: ur mental
[Dingeldk-TwistingNether]: lol
<Uldir Trash> [Special Warning] Wild Leap - dodge attack
[Dingeldk-TwistingNether]: ? lol
Loot Specialization set to: Discipline
Changed Channel: [1. General - Nazmir]
Changed Channel: [3. LocalDefense - Nazmir]
Combat logging disabled.
{VuhDo} Number of Party members has changed to 1. Auto-engaging arrangement: "WgizmO Disco 5 man"
{VuhDo} Profile successfully loaded: WgizmO Disco 5 man
To [Dingeldk-TwistingNether]: you are reported
[Dingeldk-TwistingNether]: go ahead
[Dingeldk-TwistingNether]: wont hasppen !@#$
[Dingeldk-TwistingNether]: i told you
[Dingeldk-TwistingNether]: i need it more then him

Please avoid this player as he should be ban for this!
Naming and shaming constitutes harassment

Accusing named or otherwise identified individuals, guilds, etc. of dishonourable behaviour, such as cheating or “ninja looting”, will lead to post/thread deletion and a suspension. While such warnings may sometimes be warranted, allowing targeting of others in such a fashion is open to abuse and thus not allowed. You may present your point of view while preserving the anonymity of those involved, and let the reader decide whether to contact you for details.
Please tell my why he should be banned. You are in his raid, he has made you a group which made it possible for you to kill that boss. If masterloot were around, you would have nothing.

Obviously it is your own choice what you decide to do with the ring, however it is in his right to kick you for whatever reason he wants. You are not entitled to anything.

There is something to be said about his behavior, but also about yours. In fact, making this forum post has made you more of an offender than him, since this is against the forum guidelines.

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