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Looking for Players – PvE
About us:

We are a completely new guild made of 2 previous mythic raiders, with a dank sense of humor and modesty.
We’ve both chosen to take a step back and focus on a more casual and chill form of raiding with the fun in mind.

Our goal will be to get curve for each tier but anything more than that is just bonus. We are going to raid wednesday and thursday from 8-10.30pm - these times are chosen to make more room for optional raiding/guildevents and to better fit working peeps.


Our goal is to start raiding in the attack on dazal'alor, and even if you aren't looking for a place to raid, you are still more than welcome to contact us, as we are interested in more or less all different kinds of play.
At the moment we aren't "just" looking for full time raiders, we are just looking to make some new friends, and are open for socials as well!

Come join us, and make Silvermoon great again!
Silvermoon is great because Silvermoon is Good!

Contact me here or add me, or my mate, on b.net Taintia#2456 or Moobzorz#2386
i was looking for a new start and was wondering if u want a holy paladin currently around 370+IL
Sure mate! Contact me or my mate on our b.tags! We would be honored to give someone else a new start as well :)

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