8.1 Prot, its even worse

The changes are not enough , its not the stam or damage , we need to make HEALERS job easier in mythic + and Raids , we still take tons of damage , we still lack self healing !

Can you for once just listen to us BLIZZ ?

Bring back Legion's Devastator's build with everything that came with it , although back in Legion we were the worst tanks in raids and in Mythic+ , but still the whole build WORKED !

It's clear that in BFA you CANNOT fix Warriors on PVE or PVP , and its even more clear you have more focus on Diablo Immortal that on 1 class in WOW

Just , re roll us back , no one will complain :/
Legion was pretty !@#$ty too! and playstyle was more borring than druid!

But wow, doing tbc tw now. holycrap we are a weak :D
hmm guess I just stick to dh and abandon this warr crusade :D
Was it tested? Played around with? I've been trying to ask around, and i've yet to find a proper answer beyond players flipping around with it or throwing shade towards the spec as if it was talking behind an ex.

Damage and clunkiness is already well known, but it is not a 'destroyed' spec you can't do content with. I'd simply just love a proper account of 8.1's prot than tantrums and even more complaining.
Have you tried the new changes on ptr? How do you know its not enough?
We don't take tons of damage.

- Our self sustainability, our time to live with in absence of a healer, is bad. This is because we have zero self heals and Ignore Pain's absorb is too low in difficult content.

- We have no useful group tools in 5 man content. Rallying Cry is weak in dungeons and Shockwave stun (2s) is only one globals worth of breathing room. Rally could be doubled in 5 mans and Shockwave should go back to 4s since it's no longer a concern for PvP. (Arms doesn't have it any more)

- Our kiting ability is poor since Thunder Clap's slow is weak (20% in BFA, used to be 50) and must be applied in melee range. This could be fixed by adding additional slow percentage the the Crashing Thunder talent. This would bring parity with some of the other tanks who can talent for additional slowing.

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