<APEX> 2/8M Recruiting !

Twisting Nether
About Us:
Apex is an English speaking guild and our primary focus is on endgame raiding and pushing ranks. We do place a high value on community and so build a team with that in-mind.

Our current aim is to rebuild and strengthen our core, having recently returned from a short break from WoW. Our goal is to push high up the rankings and ultimately into the top 150 again.

Raid Schedule:
Monday - 19:30 - 23:30 (Realm Time)
Wednesday - 19:30 - 23:30 (Realm Time)

Our raid schedule increases slightly in the heroic raiding week of new content as well as the first week or two of Mythic content. This is done to a level that all guild members are comfortable with.

We aim to keep our raiding squad as small as possible (around 25 players). This allows us to raid when some players are absent but in order to maintain faster progression we do not wish to gear out more players than is necessary and therefore expect a minimum of 80% attendance from our core raiders.

We seek new recruits that are mature, share our passion for raiding and have a pleasant personality. They must be knowledgeable about their class, have a sense of pride in their character and a drive for progress. They should not be afraid to talk on Discord and need to be sociable and fun to have around.

Exceptional applicants are always welcome even if we're not looking for your specific class

Zord Btag: Zord#1108
Aldor Btag: Aldor#2511
Bloodphantom Btag: Xtremedin#1493
Téairra Btag: Cjames#2461


How to Apply:
PM one of the officers to get into contact with us!

Are you guys still on the look? I'm returning player myself, and am currently looking for a guild to start raiding once again.
we are always on the look

We are a couple of IRL friends, who have the same story as you.
We are used to be pushing ranks and we did so in the current guild to our maximum.
We stranded on 2/8M 8/8H.
Casual- Hardcore is the best way to describe.

We are looking for a new home. Maybe we should talk.
Sorry for the late reply, Cronalii. If you are still interested you can contact one of the officers mentioned above or mukas#2875. Alternatively head straight to our recruitment forum at http://www.apex-guild.eu/forums/1849921

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