Tankadin+frost/blood DK LF Normal/Heroic raiding guild


we're two friends, currently mainly focusing on M+ content, looking to progress through Uldir with non-random people on a fairly consistent schedule (damn you adulthood!). We try to be very thorough when it comes to mechanics and properly executing tactics, so we're not really searching for "let's wipe 10 times and figure out what to do" but more for "let's read up on tactics beforehand and adapt it to the actual encounter" group of people. So far we were unlucky with our pugs and would love to finally earn those sweet Uldir achievements:).

We're also open to be part of emerging guilds who are confident the recruiting won't take a year to finish.

Looking forward to hearing from you:).

More details as per the applicable guidelines from guild recruitment forum:
1. Times available & time zone: We usually play from 5 PM/6 PM CET every day.
2. Hardcore/semi-hardcore/casual: I guess in-between semi-hardcore and casual
3. Current progression/experience: We play WoW from Vanilla, breaks were present of course, current progress is 6/8 on Normal difficulty for Pala and 5/8 on Normal for DK.
4. Contact info: Sekyno#2765, BaneHallow#2506


Prot pala: Nangalad
DK: Thrullion
Hey, i've added you guys to my friendlist. Let's have a talk.


Are you still looking or you found a home ?

feel free to add Ghostdragon#237293

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