Pet battles and rested XP bonus bugged?

Pet Battles
I noticed a weird thing yesterday. I was doing pet battles with a level 78 character of mine and I was getting somewhere around 11k-13k character XP per battle. I noticed that the rested bar was getting smaller and eventually I had no more rested bonus. When the bonus ran out I was still getting the same amount of XP per battle. So it seems that either pet battles consume rested bonus without benefiting from it or you get bonus XP from pet battles even when you aren't rested.

How is it supposed to work? I found some old posts on forums, but the info wasn't really consistent.
AIUI, Pet battles should not benefit from rested, and I'm sure I have tested it before that they don't.

Rested applies only to XP gained from killing mobs, not to quest reward XP, for example.

OTOH I've never noticed pet battles consuming rested.
Ok, based on that, it's a bug. You can test it rather easily if you have a character with not too much rested and then you can see the rested being consumed without the benefit.

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