Broken Isles Dalaran without Hearthstone?

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Not a new player but I figured I'd ask this here as it's all about guides etc.

So if you delete your Dalaran Hearthstone, how can you get back to the Broken Isles?

Obviously you can get a mage portal, or other classes (such as Druid) can teleport to the Broken Isles. Paladins can likewise get to Dalaran via their class hall.

But what's the main way that anyone can do? Like the portal to Paw'don Village in Stormwind/Orgrimmar, or the portal to Ashran in Stormwind Keep (no idea where the Horde one is).
Stormwind Portal (Castle), first door left -> Dalaran

You can ask the guards where it is.
What Deepassmode said. Take the main entrance to Stormwind Keep. The portal is in the first chamber on the left.
Ask the innkeeper in a Broken Isles inn for a new one.
Not just any Innkeeper, it seems!

You will have to talk to Amisi Azuregaze at The Ledgermain Lounge, specifically.

I just tested that by speaking with Amalia Jones, in the Broken Shore, to no avail (though I did get to pet Goya!).
Thanks for the replies. I haven't removed my hearthstone, I don't see why I would want to delete such a convenient item. This was more for my curiosity.

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