Ravencrest-<The Undecided > LFM to Raid and push keys

Looking for Players – PvE
Are you tired of guilds full of people who only log for raids? Are you looking for that Vanilla feel of guild and sense of community?
Well, look no further!

<The Undecided> is a guild on Ravencrest that is looking to progress while keeping the social aspect of joining a guild alive.
Founded by close friends who have been playing on and off since Vanilla,
<The Undecided> is aiming to clear the entire content the game has to offer and have massive fun while doing so.
We are confident that we can set up a gaming community.

Right now, we are recruiting members to fill out core raiding spots.
Once we set up our raid ream, we will start raiding normal and heroic.
Mythic raids will start either late 8.0 or early 8.1 depending on our team composition.
Our raid days are Wednesday and Sunday 20.30-23.30 Server time.

What can you expect from us?
Lots of laugs.
No drama.
Solid leadership.
M+ runs and other guild events (alt raids, mog runs etc.)
No elitism in terms of ilvl, DPS or any other metrics.

What do we expect from you?
A non toxic attitude open to constructive criticism and learning
Knowledge of your class.
Punctuality in terms of attending raids.
Being prepared when attending raids (consumables, gems etc.)
Desire to experience the entire content WoW has to offer in terms of progression.

Current Recruitment Needs: DPS
Still looking

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