Direhorn ability missing?

So I read on petopia that the direhorn pets are supposed to have a mortal wounds ability. But when I check my pets in the game they have no special ability at all. Which is pretty lame because they are the only tenacity pets with a mortal wounds ability that I like the look of. :(
Does anyone else have this problem or know if there is any way to actually get the ability?
The ability is just not there, but Blizzard does not care at all. Not even responding to any of like 20 threads about it.
didn't direhorns use to have a spell reflect ability? (at least the ones from Isle of Giants had one for sure, never used another one) - I put mine out on my hunter saw the ability is completely gone and that was honestly the final nail in the coffin for me I have less than 20 hrs and I'm just done

they keep removing things from everything instead of adding things to make the game more interesting

they should stick to writing books or something - would be much better seeing the way they treat this game

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