<A> Chromex recruiting for Mythic

Hello Ravencrest, Chromex a Alliance guild are recruiting for our further delving into mythic raiding.

We are currently @ 2/8 Mythic and 8/8 HC, And have recently found out that we need more players to push us that extra mile.

So here is the deal, We are a bunch of guys and girls that have been playing together for about a year now and have all raided at various points in wows history at high level including some of us in top 50 guilds. We decided to try our hand at running our own guild and in Legion it was going fantastic however people leave and players come and go and now we find ourself with a shortfall of skilled players and I'm here looking to find those hidden gems we call mythic raiders.

So what is it you need I hear you ask (I know you said it don't lie to me) I'm glad you asked, Here is a list I prepared earlier "no seriously I did"

* Brewmaster
* Moonkin x 2
* Windwalker x 2
* Ret Palla
* Disc Preist
* Mage of any spec "were not specist here"

Ok so I dident realise the list is kinda long, That's not because were short of players it because were short of "SKILLED PLAYERS" of these classes and need people to show me the light and that there is hope left in this game.

What we offer is a stable home with a guild that has players of all ages and backgrounds all with a helpful nature and that are willing to help fledgling players gear up or push keys. We run Mythic plus and are very competitive in pushing keys. We offer guild repairs "I know right" Admit your impressed with that. And we have a active community that also has fun playing other games outside of wow.

So if this sounds of interest to you then please contact one of the following via BNET and we can assist you with handing over your bank details I mean I mean the recruitment process and tell you more over discord about us..

Kindest regards

GucciBoy "I know I know"


Thanks for reading and I wish you well.
lots of interest but still looking for a few more

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