[Campaign] [RP-PVP] Strike at the Heart 14.11.2018

Argent Dawn
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First day of Nazmir seemed fun! Can't wait for the fighting to unfold tomorrow so the Volunteers can get stuck in!
Interesting first day. Fun when you're just doing your thing and the Rotgarde come knocking on your door. ;)
It seems I may have missed out on some paperwork, I do apologise.

Guild name: Alliance Salvaging - and procurement.
Estimated online numbers during peak hours: 1-4
Faction: Alliance
Contacts: Lochton
Guild Forum Thread: https://eu.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/17621552140#post-1
(Optional) Brief description of your guild’s goals during the campaign: Salvaging, Procurement and supplies. We're a small guild but trying to hang on without falling apart.
14/11/2018 23:03Posted by Wilcöx
VERY nice pics, thanks for capturing my good side, hahaha

What good side?
Every side, my good goblin.
So I know sign-ups are closed but is it possible to sign up as a non-combatant of some kind? I.e I wont attend the actual fights to avoid skewing the balance, but just hang about the camps and help fight the griefers/gankers if they show up?
Reposting a story from the HoC thread (heh, you should check it out /wink) here because it belongs here too and this thread deserves bumps. Had an enjoyable first day of the campaign.

To Krathka, Vol'dun was an omen. A vision of Durotar in a reality where the Horde lost. A civilization buried beneath the sands. Would scavengers pick over it generations down the line as the Vulpera do today, uncovering fragments of the once-great Orcish nation?
He banished the thought from his mind, tightening the mask about his mouth, not to protect from the sand as it usually did, but from the biting winds that buffeted his face from his position atop the ruined temple, its name unknown to him.
Krag'ak slept behind him, his watch now done, fastened down to the alcove found in the masonry, Krathka having laid his cloak across him and weighing it down with a handful of loose rocks, to prevent his friend from tumbling off the edge in his sleep.
All was quiet for now in the desert, save for the beasts roaming and the odd sighting of the Vulpera. With luck, this quiet would reign over Vol'dun soon, no more din of battle breaking it, and the scavengers would have fresh Alliance bodies to squabble over.

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