(A) 379 Brewmaster Monk LF mythic raiding guild

Looking for Players – PvE

379 Brewmaster Monk here looking for a mythic raiding guild

I've played WoW on and off for a number of years as a game on the side with casual friends as I play csgo competitively

Well since I'm loving BFA and I really enjoy tanking, I'm quitting my csgo team at the end of the season (mid November) and looking to join active mythic raiding guild .

I'm currently 6/8 HC with pugging (haven't killed zul as I never needed the loot) and 2/8M.

I have a mythic+ raider.io score of 1155

I work 4on4off shifts, so when I'm on shift I can raid 7;00-10;30 UK time and when I'm off shift I can raid whatever times

I'm highly motivated and committed, always looking at guides on the bosses etc

I'm currently at work and I can't remember my battle.net id so if your interested reply on here and I'll be in contact when I get home from work tonight :)

P.s I currently play on outland, but don't mind switching if I find the right guild
Hi there, we are currently looking for a tank. I'd be interested in having a chat to see if it could work with your shifts.

We are 2/8M at the moment.

My B.net is Scar#2634
Hey mate,

Your times fit us perfectly!

Give me a poke on bluku#2821


Guild Name:
Newly Formed Guild with Exp of 8/8 N 8/8 HC 2/8 M
Raid Times:
Summer Time 19:30 - 23:00
Winter Time 18:30 - 22:00
Raid Schedule:
Wed - Sun

Hey guys and gals , <DafuqisgoingON> looking for same-minded players with mythic ambition we are looking for cutting edge, also we just created the guild 5 days ago after our GM and couple of members lost interest in game, our exp is (8/8 h 2/8 m) and atm we are recruiting dedicated loyal players to join our ranks.

ALL CLASSES AND ROLES ARE CONSIDERED (if you are a fast learner and take constructive criticism with an open heart).

Contact us for more info: Maximoss#2481 - Mesao#2956 - Xdanger#2191
Thanks much appreciated :)
Hey mate, gimme a poke Chubby#2613 if you wanna have a chat! 3/8M guild

<Angry Infidels> Late Night Semi-Casual Raiding Guild!


Have some more info in the link

Add me: shaba7#1927
If you can also play WW and would consider faction change, I would love to have you. Please check if we fit :

On top of the raiding team we also do organized RBGs at Mondays and push m+s ( if any is of your interest) let's talk if interested !


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